Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday - Its Many Moods

     "Dis place be deserted agin, and we dint means to deserted it.  Jus gettin da FaceBook account straiteneded out and figgerin out what is what jus gots da Large One off hims rocker a teensy bit.  'Course we all knowed what wuz happenin all along here.
     Todays, bein Monday, and I gots da keyboards and not bein bothergated by da Large One or da other ManCats in da Manor House, I thought I go lookin at da differnt moods dese kittykat boys an gurls can get into.
     Lessee what we kin finds ....."

"Miss Smokey, from da outside Cat Porch be 
allays takin da Large One for walks roundabouts Five Oaks
Dis her "I readies when you are Daddy!"
She so slick and sneaky 'bout wrappin da Large One
'round her little paw.  Females are like dat, even kitty kats."

"Acourse you recokgnizes dis hansom Dude Kitty.  Is ME!
An dis my 'I done tolt you to gets dat blinky box outna my eyeballs' look!"

"An da MikiCato gots a real good looks for da kid kitty, Rowdy.
Dey jus don't gets along.  'Two Alpha Males' da Large One says
Whatever dat meens!"

     "Aaah!  Jus one more den I gots to go tuck da Large one in for da night.  Dis a goodun!  I laks dis one."

"Hones, I donknow whut dis one be for, but it a goodun donchtink?
It mus be dat 'I gots to get da smell of dat tunyfish off my face
or da Small One not gives me nighty kissy!'"

     "Everbodies be nice, sleeps tight at nighty times, and loves da Beans.  Deye donknow deye not da bosses in da house, so deey needs some luvins and cuddlins sometimes.  An remembers it were sed somewheres, 
'Da bestes toy has a Bean on da other end' ..... I donkno which wise kitty done saided dat but it TRUE!"

     "I gone!"

Buddy Bear 
aka. "Bubba", "Bocephus", 
"Butter Ball" and others 


  1. MOL.. I really on to this " 'Da bestes toy has a Bean on da other end' ..heh..heh..heh..Toy with out a Bean is nothing !

    Happy World Cat Day to you all
    Have a great great time

  2. All of you have some pretty serious moods! We laughed at the last picture the most! So cute!

  3. We like that quote about the best toy being the one with the human on the other end. Our mom tends to disagree--lol.

    Happy World Cat Day to you all!

  4. We wuz them moods! And hey! Sometimes, da bean IZ da toy! Hee-hee!
    Has a great day, you guys!

  5. We understand about the moods! Oh, and we love that quote about the best toys having beans on the end of them ... purrfect! :)

    Happy World Cat Day, friends.

  6. You did very well showing all the different moods around the house!

    Happy World Cat Day!!

  7. Well yeah, about the cat toys - it's hard to play catch by yourself, and I have tried!

    Happy World Cat Day!

  8. Beans should play with us cats more often! We appreciate your kind concern for our Chica. Happy World cat Day to You!!!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  9. Happy world cat day.. I so understand about the moods.. HUgs GJ xx

  10. That Miss Smokey is a real looker, isn't she?! As are the rest of you, of course!

    The Chans

  11. Happy World Cat Day !!!
    WE love to see the moods at your place. Miss Smokey is quite pretty ;)
    Miki and his tongue...hahahaha too funny ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  12. Dear furriends
    Looks like you're having such a good life at your place. I'm so delighted knowing there's some humans around the world extending more than a hand a loving heart to cats. In our part of the world (Greece) there's such a desperate need for someone to take care of all of the thousands and thousands of unwanted cats - and they're all so deserving of a loving home.
    So pleased to meet you!


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