Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, Rowdy Posts - The Art of Bathing Before A Nap

     Bathing is an ART?  Certainlike is be da epitome of kittykatz fine artabilities.  Well, jes one of manies.  
     Today we will reveal the secrets of dis fine arts as only the King of Kitties, da Tuxedo Dude, Rowdy, can shows dem.   Sorries, I no means to shouts dere.  Dis keyboard not be so friendlies wif the kittykat paws when we tries to take da load offen da Large One while he restin up from all da outside doins an tings him been into.  I tries to does better from now ons!  Hones kittykat!   

To starts wif, I toght you could likes to sees my handsome self, 
who by the bys, is the model for the demonstration we doin 
for todays posty blog blather thingie.
Dis de latest Handsome Pikture of me, Rowdy York
da baby kitten of da 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor,
(ain't dat a mouffulls)

Firs and mos imprtanlikes we has to wet da paw
Now, da paw is da second mos imprtant items we has to utalizes
when we wash the fantabulous body of da KittyKats.
O'corse da mos important one is da tongue.
Gots to has a good large, long, rough, soggyfied tongue
Doesn't forgets dat.

We will begins wif da fase an da hearin ears
Dey de mos important to da good looks of da KittyKats
Dons forget to get behind dem ears Bubba!
Makes sure you gets the bug juice outtin da insides too.
All dat runnin catchin dem bugs with dem big ole ears makes so messyfied.
No one Bean laks unwashed behind da ears kitties in deir arms.

A breaks alongs da way don hurts nobodies
Jus makes sure de is nobodies around to sees dis.
We KittyKats no wants our record of hard working washin
to be dashed and badmoufed bout us takin breaks.
We no take breaks, we taks Cat Naps wif da Beans.
(gots to has our Beans for to use as pillers, 'K)

Oh!  We was givin lesson here, Sorre!  I forgets
Bad habit I picks up from bein round da Large One
when da Small One wans hims to make somptin done on
sometin himself calls da Honeys DoList, or sometin lak dat.
Now, makes sure you cleans da leg and da paws
of all da mess an stuffs ya gets offn daself.

Any place be a good place to double checks for da posibililities of
dem Dastardly Lil Dudes da Beans calls fleas and dem oters called Tix
Dey de tings what gets us soakefied with dat evil smellin stuff
what 'sposed is to kill said bugggs.  *Ickky*
I druther I washes a few extras minuteses dan has dat stuff on me

Doesn't forgets da tail end and o course da TAIL!  
I know it hard to catch, dat tail, but it gets in lots of icky tings
Just tink of where yo done dragged yours da last time you wuz,
say, in da litters box even
Nuf said bout day, HUH? 

Now, is looking good dat tail.  I kninda is proud of it
Jus wish da Bean would not use it for a handle when I tries
my super swoof getaway dash to freedom when 
he wans to get me outta somethin I ain sposed to be inta!
I mean, after all, a KittyKat has to has SOME dignities 'K?
An da tail IS our rudder type helpy ting when me mades da trip
round da house liketysplits like.  

Las ting on da Bath Before a Nap set of instrucktions is dis.
When da bath be trough, a KittyKat mus choose
A nice clean dignefided place to draps da handsom selfs
to TAKES das naps we work so hards to gets ready fur.
Myself likes da open window, with da big donut tingy
da Small One done made a dozen of for ussns.
Dis look lak a good spot.
An I gots myself turned backsided to da Large One
and dat daddrattedcursefied Blinky Box.
Now I is comfy, I see yo afters ......  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

     With such as this around the house, I DO feel loved.
     Later .....


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  1. That was the most complete guide I've seen in a while, bravo! You've earned your nap!!!

  2. Very thorough! You did a great demonstration, Rowdy!

  3. Rowdy, you are a a riot, and very thorough! Enjoy your down time.

  4. Rowdy, we like your bathing technique! Very impressive!!

  5. Rowdy,
    You should be the face on every cat keeping manual published in the world. Very impressive, mate! purrr....meow!

  6. Tigger follows your example very well, Rowdy...especially when we are settling down for the night. He even shakes the bed to make sure everything is fluffed up.

  7. That is a serious grooming session, and your people documented it very well. Our Tucker does the "pausing" too, MOL!

  8. Great post there Rowdy! U show all da kitties out there how to groom and bootify :)

  9. Hi Rowdy! We saw you guys had been to our blog and had to come by and meet you! We love your post - it is very informative! And we think you are quite a handsome tuxie - we have a bunch of tuxies in our group so we think that makes us expers at knowing a handsome one when we see one!

  10. And now some messy handed person will pet you and you'll have to start all over again ;-)

  11. Probabil că noi, motanii, dar mai ales pisicuţele, suntem cele mai curate animale de pe acest glob pământesc!:)
    Bipezii ar trebui să înveţe de la noi ce înseamnă să fii curat!:)

  12. Rowdy, you did a terrific job of explaining the fine art of bathing. And demonstrating it too.

  13. It certainly is an art - you put into words, just what I do....

  14. WOW!! Rowdy, you are handsome :)
    You also give very good lessons !
    We really liked all your steps too!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  15. I never realized that so much goes into the cat grooming process until now! I watch our largest cat, Buster, groom himself and I have always been amazed that he can raise his leg so high for that final lick (he weighs 20 lbs) but when there's a will, there's a way!

  16. Now that is the way to take a bath! Didn't miss a spot either. Thank you for the commentary, too. Rowdy is one mighty fine looking man cat.

  17. Great job Rowdy!!! Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  18. I just stop by to say " Happy Easter " : )
    I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family


  19. Happy Easter to u all. Hope u r having a lovely day :)

  20. Theese one was a good one! You gave me some excellent tips especially 'bout getting the bug juice out! Very informative. You really deserve a big nap after that detailed presentation!

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