The 6 Mouskateers

     These little guys are our 'Children,' and because of this I will be driving people crazy talking about my Children here and most everywhere I visit.

This is 'Buddy Bear', the eldest (and Leader) of the
'6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.' 

This little guy is the next in line for the title of
King of the Clowder. His name is 'MikiCato'.
He is rather extra-special to his Dad.

Miki took over raising this one just as soon
as he came in the door. This is 'Tegar', Ladybug's
little Golden Boy. He's a real powder puff.

This is the baby of the four insiders, 'Rowdy.'
He was M'Lady's last rescue.
He was so sick when we first brought him home
the Vet gave him little or no chance to live.
M'Lady, with Buddy's help saved his life
with their nursing and constant care.
Now he's 14 pounds of young bully,
and thinks I am HIS alone! 

     There are two more members of the clowder.  'Smokey' and 'Princess' (aka Spooky) who will be added here when the time permits.  Actually, this old fool can NOT find the rest of the write up that contains their clips.  Bear with me.  I'm working here.  Honest! 
 ~Roy Sr.~

UPDATE:  I'm still looking.  Remember this:  "Great things come to those who wait!"


     HI!  I Buddy Bear, and I make  finish what the Large One never gots around to be finishin.  Dis one of da latest postes I did.
     We be havin new folkses and new kitties joinin us what don really knowes all us kitties, so I thout I makes a post bout us, da 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.   So dis be dat post what I talkin bout.
     Firs ting I says is da I be da King Kitty, da head Purr, da number one Mouser in da Manor house.  I not da oldestes but I da head.  I came to my forever home first so dat makes me da boss.  Small One rescued me from a cage sittin in da hot July sunshine at da Flea Markets.  No, her did NOT brings home no Fleas, thank Bastet (da Mommy of all us kitties everwheres) for dat.  No buggs in da Manors House.

I is Buddy Bear.  I was born June 1st, 2001
and I comed to my Furever Home at Five Oaks Manor
July 28th, 2001.  
I was taken outside often while I was young
but I not liked it, so I stays inside alla time now.
I sposed to be inside kitty anyhow.  I a RagaMuffin.
RagaMuffins not made for outside.

Dis de Granny KittyMiss Princess
We not know her real age but Large One think
 she 3 - 4 years older den I is.
She Outside Kitty.
Her been here almos 8 years.
She comed over with her younger sisfurr to visit
and she never left again.
She Large One's outside Lap kitty!  

Dis one named MikiCato.  Him is the #2 Kitty at Five Oaks Manor  
Da strange name come from bein part Siamese
an bein small and slinky.
Him was born 2nd of. May, 2003.
Him was rescued by the Large One from his birth home
just before da peoples turned the kitty family out and they moved away.
Miki gots to his furever home 6th of July, 2003.

Dis purty puddy is Smokey.
She da other outside gurlkitty.
Her came over one day, had a snack and went home.
Nex day she come with Miss Princess tagging along.
She and da Princess never went back.  
We tinks she 'bout 8 - 9 years old.
She Large One's escort, protector and arm full.
Her not lap kitty, but her love to be carried all over da yard.
Large One love to do dat lots of times.

Him name is Tegar.  Him borned 1st of April, 2004.
Small One rescued him out of
same bamboo cage Buddy was in when she finded him.
Him came to da Forever Home 22nd of May, 2004
Him called 'Cuddle Kitty', 'Honey Kitty'
all 'cause he ackt sweetsy and snorgles clost to da beans.
Him da # 3 inside kitty.
Him like a tiny lion Large One say.

An here da Babbykitty, Rowdy.
Him was borned 20th of May, 2004.
Hims #4 inside kitty at Five Oaks Manor.
Small One rescueded him at da same flea market
as she did Me and da Tegar.
He comed to da Forever Home 24th of July 2004.
Him da big lummox Heathen kitty in da house.
Him is Small One's baby, but him tink him'
own the Large One.
Da MikiCato disagree wif dat thinkin.

     Now dose of yous what dint knows us before does now.  And dose what did jus had my course called 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor 101 refresher and updater.  We be here, we not goin no place but to da din din bowls and da big feather bed for da cuddles and da cat naps.  Sos you gets to sees us agin and again. 
     Maybe nex time I kin gets one of da othere kitties to post.  Dis one so long my paws hurts.  Dem keys don gots no paddin on dem lik ever thing else we ownes.  Gots to talks wif the beans about doin da paddin tricks dey does.
     I go cat naps now.  

Buddy Bear 
aka. "Bubba", "Bocephus", 
"Butter Ball" and others