Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday - Late excuse for not posting

     Just for the record here (this is Roy Sr posting, not the CAT), I've been into many and such things that I've actually forgotten to do many of the things I'm supposed to do.  Forgive?
     Buddy has had me doing a mess of things on the Web Site,  I've started a Web Site of my own that will take a while to get together, since, of course, Buddy's stuff and things come first.  Always!
     OK!  You ready for it?  Buddy Bear has moved to FaceBook.  Oh, he's keeping this Blog here, and the Forums on AbleMinds, and the BBCW Community Forums, and the Verse and Things Web Site, and the Cat Quotes Collection, and of course the Web Site is being re-decorated, updated, and titivated all at the same time this is goin on, but he's there too.
     Work me fingers to the bone keeping up with the little guy.
     The link is HERE!  Please let us know if the link works for you.
     I am gone for the night.  Storms today and we lost a lot of time on line as well as in Real Life.  Gots work to do before the younguns come tomorrow early.
     Have a good one.  We will be back.  Buddy says:  "I be done doin my ting on da FacyBook place.  Y'all comes sees me and the res of da 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.  It da new place, but we still da sames."
    " Laters ....."

Lil brofur MikiCato takes things lying down 'up dere' in da play house in da skye!
I no goes up dere, but da oder three mankats does.  
I usta went up, but da traffik gots so much I left it to da youngers.
I liks my big feather bed in da beans bed room.  
Can't fall far out of dat one.


  1. Cool, I just added you to my Facebook page's favorites!

  2. Buddy darl,
    We forgive you...but sorry to say we're not on FB. Will be loyal to the blog though. purrrrrrr *giggles*

  3. The link worked fine for us. We'll see you both places then. Rosie Henry and Charlie

  4. Morning all, and thanks for the comments. Work continues at the FB site, and hopefully we'll get back to this place quick and regular.

  5. We'll go add all y'alls! That ramp looks like a GREAT place to hang out!

  6. Now that I've started up the new blog for the future furchildren, I don't keep up with Facebook as much. I think one social networking thing is all I can keep up with.

    Mom Paula

  7. I will get Vicki to follow Buddy Bear on FB....love the hanging about photo

  8. No problem! Of course you're forgiven. :)

    We'll go check out the facebook link now!

  9. OK, we forgive you! MOL, Wishing you Happy World Cat Day.

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