Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday - The Case of the Missing Chair and Basket

     "Da Large one was goin thru da piktures on himselfs pikture thingie and I seed dis one.  Dat make me tink of my chair.  Den I seed other piktures an I tought I might show them you in todays post.  It IS my day you knows?"

"I luved dat chair.
It was where I sleeped.."

"Bad Chair, Bad, Bad Chair.
It shrunked and I couldnt' get in it anymores."

"One days I gots my own flower basket bed
an I dint outgrows it a litty bit.
It tooked up lots of room on da floor.
Other places was in windows, on shelves
I liked them sometimes betterer.
One day my basky went away an din't come back."

"I had da firs sleep in da computy piktur box bed.
It still in da computy room but it be MikiCatos now.
Sometimes I sneaks a snooze dere, but not offen."

"Large One bring lots off box beds from da food huntin trips
when him an da Small One go way an comes back wif
da stinky goodness and da crunchy din dins.
We all sleeps in dem.  Dey good for Cat Naps 
when we not sleeps wif da Beans."

"Dese days I has one of da spare chair beds in da fun room
I really lakes dis one.  It just fit and not too smalls."

"But I tinks the bestes bed of all
Is MY Small One's arms when she takes Cat Naps.
I mos times puts her to sleeps.
Dis my bestes bed of all."

     "I wanteded to tells you all bouts my favrite chair/bed/thingie before da Large One losted da pikture.  So now it is did, and I go finds one of da Beans to snorgle with, and maybes gets to puts dem to sleeps."
     "I sees you alls laters."

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  1. Tegar dear,
    Don't get me wrong but you put your beans to sleep????? You're kidding, right? purrr....meow!

  2. All our little ones put their 'Humon Beans' to sleep. It's what they do. It's their job donchaknow? And we don't complain one bit ..... well not honestly. We make noise, but they don't believe us.

    Oh, and Tegar is the master at tucking his Mom in.

  3. Our Mommy loves to be purred to sleep too! It's a Cat's most Important Job.

  4. My mom too ! She love me to put her to sleep with purred : )
    A Magic Voice of the Cat : )

    Happy Hoppy Easter to all !
    I wish you all have a wonderful time with your family

  5. What a variety of beds! One just as cozy as the other.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.


  6. I confess, we are very bad at putting humans to sleep. Binga tries, but she gets bored after a while and bolts, either before my human can go to sleep, or right after she has drifted off. Boodie and I are even worse. So my human is on her own for the going to sleep part. We just hang out on the foot of the bed.

  7. We agree with you, Tegar! While you have lots of cool places to sleep, being with your person is the best.

  8. You're right, Tegar. The best place to rest is cuddling up with someone you love! But we did enjoy all you chairs!

    The Chans

  9. Y'all sure do have lots of primo comfy spots!!!

  10. I wanted to stop by and tell you how much your comments have meant to me as Praline and I made the decision to let her go peacefully to the bridge. They meant so much. I have mixed feelings of peace and pain today, but I know I did right for my little furbaby!

    Mom Paula

  11. Paula, you and the little one will always have special place in MY heart. You were one of the first Blogging families we began following when we came out of our shell and realized there were others out there on the Blogspot scene waiting to join with us in Cat fun and frolic.

    I'll be adding to our list of lost Blog friends in the near future, and with your permission I'll be making a button of one of Praline's pictures to add there.

    You did good Mom Paula. I know Praline is proud of you for letting her go to the Bridge and be free of all the hurt and misery. And I know she will be waiting for her Mom when it's time to be rejoined. Love and cherish the memories Hon. Memories are priceless, and they keep on living in our hearts.


  12. Tegar, we kitties love all your beds! Shame dat small chair doesn't fit u anymore. The computy box bed is very original! Small One's arms look a particularly cozy place to be :)

  13. Oh Tegar!!! You have had some really neat beds over the years!! How cool :) We agree that the beans make the best beds :) They are so warm and cuddly,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  14. There's nothing, but nothing, as nice as being purred to sleep by a cat.

  15. It's a shame your chair shrunk and your beds have come up missing. Good thing they can't hide your bestest bed of all. :)

  16. Ha! Ha! to JFF's comment! We really enjoyed the "tour" of all your beds or sleeping spots Tegar, it was very, very interesting! I do thinks that you came to the right conclusion though in the end about your most favorite sleeping spot of all!

  17. We think Mom is pretty good and we have her well trained :) Tillie loves her grass and being hand fed,heehee and I love my boxes!! Treasure is usually a pretty neat brother,though there are times...
    Purrs to all of you!!!!
    Purrs Georgia


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