Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catpurday, late, but I Baaack!

     Hello efurry ones.  We back, and we havin what da Large One call a 'off day', holey day is wat I calls it.  It fun to not do nuttin but do nuttin.  Does you likes to do nuttin?

Is hard works makin Bloggy Spots ya knows, n I gots to gets my beauty sleeps
oftens.  Has to make sure I is in my bes fluffy lookin shapes for all da gurl kitties
wen day comes visitin.
You knows I love when folkses and kitties, and da barkies too, comes to sees
my handsome selfs.  Oh, and to sees day boys and da sisfurr too.
Onest problem we gots is when da Large One get da keyboards befores us.
Den we out wifout a doubt.
     Is been a busy day, us had great holeyday, had lots of beans runnin round in da house makin happy noises.  Lots of foods out, but we kitty folks don eats bean food.  We eats da good stuffs.  Gots to watch our purrfurrctly furbulous frrigers ya knows!  
     I finish now.  I says good nites, wish lots of purrs to efurrbodies, and a big bowl of stinky goodness to all da kitties. 


  1. Great to have you back, Buddy. Have a lovely weekend. Purrs!

  2. Lovely to see you friend and glad you all had a great day.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Hello furrfriendz! So good to see you stopping by. I'll be over, or at least da Bear or one of the other fuzzballs will, to visit sometime today. Right now though there's a whole mess of sunbeams beaming in the window and I, the large one, am going out to see how many of them I can play in. I need a big pile of leaves to burn tonight when the winds die down. I figure if the neighbors can do it, so can I.

    Have a good one, and come again lots of times.

  4. It was a good one Leslie. And I'm thinking the rest of this season will be a mite better than those past as well. So nice to see you here. More from the kitties later in the day. Missed yesterday. We all took too many catnaps.

  5. Hiya Buddy! We sure are glad to see you, and happy that you had such a nice holiday. :)

  6. Thanks for the visit. We'll get it all together yet. Another disturbed day this one past.

  7. Hey, welcome back! We likes to do nuffin too (though our people aren't so good at that).


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