Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday - Muddllin around again ....

     I'm here, I'm here.  I assure you I'm here, although I don't wanna be.  Hadn't planned on it, but I'm here.
     Had some rather testy entreating comments from the Furbrothers early this morning, probably wanting me to play, but I took it they wanted me to curl in with them for a cat nap.  And, you know me, I hit the big feather bed with a bounce and an instant curl.  I wondered why there was no instant flurry of fuzzytails around me, but didn't really think much of it.  Of course I had very little time to THINK before I was out and cutting Zzzzzs like the pro I am.
     Dratted phone, which I forgot to cut off, let me know, in no uncertain terms, I was NOT supposed to be in that particular position and, shall we say, frame of mind.  Anyway, wouldn't you know it was a knuckleheaded jaybird from down south in the big capitol city of Jackson, MS, babbling about my political and moral responsibility to vote and detailing the way I was supposed to vote, who I was supposed to vote for, etc, etc.  Needless to say, I was given NO chance of rebuttal there.  SO, I made note, forthwith, of the names AND the party, listing them under 'Ignore', 'Banish', and forevermore 'DO NOT VOTE' for.  Strangely enough, that list had numerous notes with the same names and party already posted therein.
     Who was/were the offenders?  THAT, is for me (only) to know.  Enough.  I do not like 'nay sayers', never have, never will.
     Cats!  Cats!  Where are the cats?  That is the question!  Do you have the answer?
     I hear that question coming through the monitor loud and clear.  Someone is questioning me and my subject matter for the day here on Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Blog.  Well, good that you do.  I tend to wander around the main subject of late.  Once upon a time I was told that was good writing.  Now, it's Old Age.  Plain and simple.
     As to the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, I have seen ONE since arising from the big feather bed.  Buddy Bear.  Instead of curled in my arms as has been the usual these oncoming 11 years the little guy has lead the Furbrothers in their duties as guides, protectors, irritating agents, and general nuisances of all beings human residing the Manor House, he was curled to the Lady of the House, himself clinging to half the width it would normally take a Chihuahua puppy to keep from falling off the bed, curled in a big little ball of fluffy happiness, himself noisily chastising me for arising and awakening his royal self, threatening me to NOT awaken his Small One.
     I assume he is still there, since he is not now sprawled in front of the monitor, all four feet flopping over the keyboard, tail flailing the morning air, angrily indicating his anger (the substance of that anger totally ignored by myself as my sign of opposition to his wishes).  Food is available, in abundance, in three places in the house, five bowls full to be exact.  And since there are no mice, gerbils, cabbits (cat trained rabbits, if you must know), midget hamsters, or other such fluffy, loving handfuls of domesticated happiness to wipe out said foodstuffs, he has no reason to be angry.  So HE gets ignored.  Usually not for long though.
     Anyway, I am awake, they are asleep, I have a large, long and highly detailed 'honey do list' to attend to, and since the sun is out, the temps are nearing 50°, on the way to a blistering spring time high of almost 60°, and I am dead set on getting out of the house, if nothing more than to walk around said house to get the cricks and kinks the aches and ouchies and miseries out of myself's old bones.  The trip to town yesterday almost did Lisa and I both in, so daily exercise, of the minimum, walking, is the word of the morning EVERY morning the elements will allow.
     Where is/are the picture(s)?  What pictures?  Do you actually think I would come in here and post a bunch of pictures and not have a say, broadcast a mess of nonsense, blather my way out of a little digital work?   Don't tempt me!
     So be it.  I have had my say, nonsensical and light as it was, and now I am fulfilling my duty with the pictures.  At this point in the writing, I have no idea what picture I shall grace your eyeballs with, but I will now hit the files and see what we can see.

Ms. Smokey, one of my two little lady kitties,
residents of the Five Oaks Cat Porch,
in all her radiant beauty.
This one was taken a couple three years ago.
     That doesn't satisfy you?  Well, contrary to my better instincts, I'll begrudgingly post another ....... 
     Lets see .....

This is Rowdy (the Tuxedo), mentioned in the past entry as being
on the  ailing  list.
Not anymore.  I'm watching thought.
The other (larger) rapscallion is his big brother,
mentor, and co-conspirator in all things mischevious,
Tegar, or 'Yellow Fellow'.  This one, of course,
 was taken back near 8 years ago.
My how they have grown,
not only in size but mischievousness.

     Well, this being the end of my endurance for sitting in this over-padded chair, I shall sign off with the wish that everyone should have a great day, a wonderful week, and all will find time to visit with us next time, when we randomly search for a blathery subject worthy of my efforts and, of course, your time in reading/viewing, and hopefully enjoying.  
     I now have a little black lap robe purring along in my lap, giving me the 'doe eyes' and acting very much like he thinks he has my number.  Well, he does.  But if you say so elsewhere I will say "you lie".  
     As always, I feel loved .....
     Later .....



  1. We hope you can get out and experience the spring weather there. That is always good for the soul. We love the photo of Smokey. What a beauty.

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  2. Aww Buddy Bear!! You sound like you have the run of the house! You sleep there, here and everywhere and why not?!!? You rule!

    Enjoy your day Roy! It's good to be able to blather away on a Monday morning! Take care

  3. You found two lovely pictures and I lovee the cuddles in the second. Take it easy and cuddle with the kitties is what I say.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Love the pictures. Like the idea of a nap, too!

  5. Great pictures! We always enjoy visiting you, so if you feel like blathering, go right ahead, because we don't mind one bit. :)

    Have a terrific day, friends!

  6. Miauuu salut, prietenii mei de peste mări și țări!
    Să aveți o primăvară așa cum v-o doriți!
    Sigur, m-aș bucura să mă vizitați.
    Mă cheamă Bagheera (Baghi), sunt din România, am 14 ani (pot demonstra cu fotografii din secolul trecut) și am ajuns să fiu SSS.
    Desigur, toți pretindem acest lucru, dar ne este greu să-l obținem datorită faptului că este râvnit de toți cei care sunt bibezi, deci, oameni!

  7. Blather away, sweetie! Love that pic of the cats in the basket.

  8. Roy you always brighten my day with a with a purrrrfectly good blather or two or 3. Hate to think the cat got your tongue. :o)

  9. Leslie, the cats have been badgering me to get with it again. I'm gonna do it, just have a few more things I must finish outside before I settle in here for the winter season.

    Bear with me a bit longer. The kitties have lots to tell, as do I. I've missed running my fingers for all to see.

    I'll be back .......

  10. We always love stopping by seeing all these fun photos of all the cute kitties. We hope you got to enjoy some outside fun with the weather being so nice. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals


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