Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday - The Tongue Tells the Tale

     Hi!  Large One here.  This morning the furrballs are all sleeping in, and I, for some unknown, senseless reason, am wide awake wondering about the why and wherefore of the situation.  So, while my muddled brain is coming alive, I'll tend to Buddy Bear's duties for the day.  
     I came into the computer room just a bit ago to check the weather and read the morning headlines when I noticed the computer turned off.  I turn it off at night and the cats will turn it on in the morning to see the pictures from 'Cat of the Day', 'The daily Kitten', and 'I Can Has Cheeseburger'.  Well, it was still off.  Thinking that a bit strange, I looked and noticed nothing was posted (again) for the Blogs and for the FaceBook Page.  So with camera in hand I turned my chair 180°, poked Buddy in the belly and asked why his work hadn't been done.
     Old ManCat was slow in coming up this time.  Here's what I caught ......  

 Took more than one poke to get this old Purrpot
going this morning.

The Bear woke up with food on his mind.    

His dream meal must have been a feast I'm thinkin.

Looks like he's regretting waking up from that one.
Methinks the question will NOT be answered by this old fellow,
at least not now.

     So now you know, we humans are not the only ones that oversleep from time to time.  No, nor are we the only ones that sleep on the job, and take a cat nap when the boss isn't looking, but DANG, things are getting bad when the BOSS Cat is guilty of all of those habits as well.  
     Guess I'll have to get out my alarm clock and start doing the Blogs and stuff again myself.  I know if I set the clock and leave it in here for the cats they'll just wake up, run in the bedroom and wake ME up.    
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Wherever, y'all come see us when you can! 

As always, I feel loved. 

Later .....



  1. Charlie says, cats never oversleep! LOL!! Take care

  2. Buddy, you look like you have a hangover! Go back to sleep.

  3. Buddy, we sure hope you didn't have to wait long for breakfast, after being so rudely disturbed!

  4. Sometimes I'm slow starting in the morning too - LOL!!!

  5. Don't worry, Buddy, we understand how hard it is to get going some mornings! :)

  6. Cats can never get enough sleep mol. I love those pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Buddy, don't worry - I'm always the last one up at my house!

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