Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday - "There's Two of Them" - The story begins.

     As was begun yesterday, Wednesday, November 16th, 2011, the plot thickens, with the shocking realization that there may well be 'Two of Them' running around in Five Oaks Manor.
     "Two of them WHAT?", you may want to ask.
     "Two of them Cats", meaning two of a kind, two alike, two the same different from all the other, twins mahap?  Well, we'll see what the mighty Inspector, Mouser 'Spot', aka 'Rowdy von Five Oaks', uncovers while investigating this most distressing discovery.
     It is my understanding that Buddy Bear, owner of the title of 'King Kitty of Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA™' was reluctant to allow the baby of the clowder, namely Inspector Mouser 'Spot', to endanger himself investigating this 'alleged problem', but the family of fine furred little felines were all for it.  So be it!

The little one was quickly settled in and, shortly
after a quick introduction to the rest of the family,
he hit the ground running.
Nothing was safe, no nook, corner, or dark place
was immune to his inquisitiveness.
Such a tiny little guy with such a large knack of
getting into just plain 'trouble' all over the
Manor house.
     This problem was first discovered some time shortly after 22 May, 2004, when the Small One, our beloved Lady of the Manor, visiting the local flea market, (that's 'swap meet' to those unfimiliar with the Southren Circuit of fine festivals and reoccurring weekend function ..... another story, another time) ..... now where was I?  Oh yeah ..... where The Small One discovered and adopted this tiny creme colored kitten, immediately fell under it's magic spell, and proceeded to direct the Large One to hold the new Five Oaks baby while she proceeded to put an enormously large dent in the Large One's wallet, buying toys and baby 'blankies' and such for the new member of the family.  She's good at that task.  Very good indeed!
How he got this little light out of the desk drawer
I never knew, but he did.  To this day it is one of
his favorites, if and when we allow it to be 'seen'.
     From the time the Beans got the little kitten home, (oh, he was quickly named Tegar ..... that's pronounced 'T-Gar' ..... don't ask ...... I don't remember where the name came from, but there it is) this tiny cat was like a over-sized dust-bunny in a wind storm, into everything, on top of everything, and when possible playing with everything he could get his little paws and jaws on.  Now you see him, now you don't!  And I'm thinking much of his mischief, over the years has been blamed on the others of the house at that time, namely Buddy Bear, and MikiCato.  And too, after little Rowdy took on some size, and mischief, even HE was blamed with a good many of Tegar's 'midnight THoE' escapades.
     Oh, that THoE, if you must know, is 'thundering herd of elephants'.  If you've ever heard those little kits running amok in the house at night, then you will understand the phrase.
     Of late years, this loving little cat has become a darting, diving, denizen of the dust mop brigade. (another cutsie name we hang on the clowder of cats we call the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor).
     I'd like to say, up front, that We wish Inspector Mouser the best in his search for the truth of the mystery surrounding the 'Case we call " There's Two of them!"

     To date, the Inspector, as we shall call him here in this report, has not turned in much in the way of a report on his findings.  However I have spotted him all over and around the Manor House, in deep 'investigation' mode, peeking into this and that, poking around behind assorted and sundry household items, and, atimes actually becoming a bit of a problem himself.  But, understanding the seriousness of the case, we do not complain ..... just hope and pray this 'investigation' can be brought to a timely and satisfactory end, hopefully in record time.
     Since we have reached the end of our allotted time, and too, space, here on Buddy's World, we will close this report, for now, and invite you to return tomorrow, or the next day at the latest, for the next, and hopefully, final report, on the case called "There's Two of them!"
     For the record, I am .....

Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop


  1. Oh my, two, two, yes, I think I saw two too!

  2. Thanks for telling me and Charlie how to pronounce Tegar - cos we were reading it as Tee-gar! LOL! Yay!! He's adorable and very smart and just lovely!

    Take care

  3. Thanks for visiting us yesterday :-) We always say two kittens are better than one!!!

  4. Oh I loved reading this and so did mommy. Tegar, kissies!!!

  5. Yes, yes, YES . . .waiting for two.

    Laura and Taffy


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