Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday, almost - Oh, NO. Two of them?

"I are Ceiling Cat!  I are watching YOU!  I are taking notes here!"

"Watchit Bubba!  I be done commed up dere and gottched you!"

"I tink I stayz down chere.
Dat boy gots problems,
you betchum."

     And the days roll along.  Stay tuned next week for the second episode of the Horror Thriller of the year, "There's Two of Them".

     Will the spotted cat join the 'pair' 'up there' or will he just observe, take pictures, report and take his catnip paycheck and go home to steal the Large One's warm place in bed, or will he ......  ? ?
     See you then!

Muahahahahahahahaha .........



  1. I think I will remain on the edge of mom's seat here waiting to hear the next episode.

  2. I myself go get in the warm place mom left in the bed. Just sayin'.

  3. Just as a note here, the decision has been made to take the story and run with it. I'm sure there is more to be seen/read than what has just been posted.

    The camera is our, fired up, and the chip is empty. Note pad is open and ready for the notes.

    All comments, assistance, and otherwise helpful suggestions will be graciously welcomed here. I think Buddy is planning on throwing a Cat Nip party at the conclusion of the last episode (whenever that occurs ... if, of course, the old FuzzButt doesn't forget about it along the way!)

    Just a note to all here .....

  4. We all sit watching and waiting :0
    ^..^, ^..^, ^..^, ^..^, ^..^, ^..^

  5. A sticky wicket, wot! Waiting with bated breath.

    Laura and Taffy


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