Friday, November 18, 2011

Furby Friday - Buddy interrupts the story.

"Dis stories what da Large One and da Rowdy gots goin chere
make me laughs.  I polite kitty, so I covers my mouf when I laughs.
I knows da story, but I not says nothin chere, just takes dis day
to come to let everbodies know dat I is still runnin dis Bloggy.
I de boss, and I nots let da Large One forgets it.
I has to rule wif a firm paw, iffin I don't he not lets me curl on
hims arm and sleeps with him all night." 
"Now dat I is done what I comed to do, I is takin my nex cat nap!
Nite, nite!"

Buddy (Bubba) Bear
I am the Owner of
Buddy Bear's Cats' World
I am also the alter ego of
thewizardsgtpop aka KnightOwl


  1. Yeah...you show it to them Buddy Bear. Show them who's the BOSS around here. I have the same problem with my blog too. Everyone thinks they have a right to write too. I say, start your own blog. This one is MINE. purrr....meow!

  2. Awww Buddy!! You're just so cute! Take care

  3. Buddy, yes, you have to keep the humans--and other kitties!--in line!

    Happy weekend to you all. :-)

  4. That's what kitties do best--interrupt us!

  5. Oh your paw is so kissable with those tufts of furz. Mommy LOVES kissing paws..look out..she may show up!

  6. Persistance with da furry paw nearly always pays off with a good nights sleep cuddled up to your two legged friends :)Thanks for your lovely message on kitty tracks. Our two legs mom has been a bit slack lately with both making posts and reading ones, sorry. Wishing you all well :)

  7. Way to remind everybuddy who's boss (YOU!), Buddy! :)

  8. GORGEOUS Buddy Bear - don't you let no one get in your beautiful way! :) Respect!! Thank you for visiting God's Little People - you might like to see our beautiful new cards raising funds for deserving Greek kitties.
    Love from your friends in Greece

  9. Buddy, you rule with an iron paw. A good thing 'cause humans need to be kept in line. Purrs for a good nap.

    Taffy and that woman

  10. Quite right. Cats rule! We like napping all night long on pillows and arms too.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us!

  12. Thanks for visiting. My security program says there is a malware alert image on your blog... Might want to check on it. Every time we check on your clowder we get this warning....
    Happy Thanksgiving. Our ham was delish.


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