Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday - A bit of Help joining the Top Cat Blog Sites list.


     I'm reading from the comments and the EMails I am getting, that you folks are having problems with getting on the Top Cat Blog List.  So, I shall commence to begin to try to rectify that situation.
     After all, that's what I'm here for, isn't it.
     No problem Ladies, I'm used to a fair Lady asking me why, what, how come and other such!  Lisa does it all the time.  However, with here, most of it is 'the Cat teasing the Mouse'.  Took me a few decades to get her number, but I'm with it now.  
     So I have to go back and study, and think, and study, and  ...... it's getting to the point in time that I'm believing the old saying "You can't teach an old Owl new tricks!"  Well this old KnightOwl type will try to make it right.  Hope I make it plain enough not to confustigate you!

Joining the List: 
- Click on 'Join Topsites' in the toolbar that appears above the Blog list.
- Read carefully, and follow instructions to the letter.  Remember, basic info, to include sign in info, can be changed at a later date.  Just make sure you make a copy of the page of instructions you will receive in the automated EMail from the Top Sites Lists computer.

Loading your Blog to the List site:
     OK!  On you Blogspot.com site ......
- Go to your 'Dashboard' and
- select 'Design' to the right of the blue 'New Post' button.
- In 'Design', click on 'Add a Gadget' in your right hand column.
- Scroll down to and click on 'Text'.
- Copy and Paste the code into the 'Content' area in the popup.
     (You can leave the Title blank if you want -- your choice, or post something like 'Join Us Here', or 'The Competition Starts').  Your Blog, your words/choice .....
     After you get the button showing on the Blog, and, clicking when you click on the button the link works, follow through with the trail of pages to the 'List' page so your Blog site will show.  Don't forget you have to have a 'Banner' and the short description of your Blog entered so you will 'show up' on the page.  If the link doesn't work, let me know.
- A Note here:  The sites require Admin (Me, Myself, and I) approval before they will appear on the system.  Also, you may have to refresh your browser to see the updated and added post on the List.
     Hope it works the first time.  If not, guess what ...... This is my 2nd Top Site List, the first one was opened long time ago, and I'm STILL having a heck of a time setting things up.  Same with my Blogs.  BBCW Blog was started a long while back, and I just re-opened my personal Blather Blog. That one, too, is still a mite confusing to me now.  Well, with me, though, anything is confusing these last few years.

- After your site appears on the list:
     Lost the code, and don't know where to find it?   Here's the skinny on that .....
- Go to the front page of the list -- the link is http://thewizardsgtpop.ultimatetopsites.com
- Click on "Member's Edit' located in the toolbar that runs across the page just above the List.
     NOTE:  If you will notice all the links there, you will find everything you need to join/add another Blog, get answers to frequently asked questions about the workings of the List site, and even bother the Admin people.  Now, guess who is/are the Admin people.  Check the FAQ for your answer before you go to the trouble to do the email.  I don't mind the questions, but you could probably get the answer ready made much faster checking on FAQ.
- Log In
     (What do we see at the top of the page that pops up?    The code, which includes the voting button built in.)  
- Copy and paste the code into the 'Text Gadget' you will find on your 'Design' page on your Blog.
     Position the Gadget where you want it on your Blog, preferrably where your friends and visitors can get to it quickly so they can vote before they get involved in reading and commenting.  Note, on my Blog I have it at the top of the right, or small column.  
     A suggestion:  To one and all, and I'm not herein making fun of anyone,  'Speed reading' is NOT the way to get into, and get set up on a site on the WWW.
     I have, in the past, been guilty of it, trust me, and I know, from the years I've been Webmaster on different sites, that people tend to NOT read the instructions carefully.  They look over but do not absorb all they see.  
  OK, now I'm off my soap box.
     - Don't forget your banner.  You have to have it hosted on line somewhere, on a photo storage site like  Photobucket.com, TINY PIC.com, or VillagePhotos.com, or if you have your own website, have the banner stored or posted on the web site.  Blogspot.com does not host images, jpeg or gif.   Neither does Top Sites Lists.com  You can add the link to the banner by going into the 'Members' Edit' link just like you did to get the code.
- One more thing.   If you don't have a banner and have no one to make one for you, I'd be willing to make one.  I'm not into the very fancy work, but I can do one.  I make all of mine.  If you don't like the finished product we can always turn the page and try again.    
     Hope all this helps.  If I remember something else I should have said I will EDIT this day's post, adding the additional information.
     Y'all come on in, join us, and we'll see how many records we can break for a 'Popularity Contest'.  Just remember, it's for fun, and the prized Winner's Banner, NOT for money.  Money I don't gots.  I'm sorry.
     With all the email and such I've been receiving, I feel loved.  Of course I know it's Buddy Bear and the 5 Mouskateers that is/are/am the big draw.  Thasarrite!  That's what all my flitting and flying around the WWW is all about.
     Later .....




  1. Hi Roy :)
    That is a most informative post.You really look after your readers ;) That's good. And we agree that things should be done for fun,heehee

    Thank you for your purrs for Mickey.
    We miss Mickey, but know he is happy at the Bridge.
    It just takes some getting used to right now.
    Purrs Georgia & Tillie,Tiger
    Treasure and JoyJoy

  2. Hi Roy and Buddy Bear,

    Thank you for taking the time to go through these instructions point by point to help us so we can play along with you. That's very thoughtful of you.

    I'll be back in the next day or two to do this, though, 'cause I've got a couple things I have to do first.

    In the meantime, this sounds like fun.


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