Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday - Trying

     Trying to remember where I was last, what I was doing, and, most of the time, just where I was supposed to do it, I wandered off into our photo storage pages on the website this evening, and came across this picture of our little outside resident Granny Kitty, Miss Princess, aka Spooky.  She's one of the two owners we have that adopted us, moved in on the Cat Porch (read here, carport) and made this their forever home.  
     Sunday last, being a sunny Spring day, I was out and about making like I was enjoying myself, titivating and diddling with Mother Nature's treasures, cleaning up her leavings from the season just passed.  The tasks were slow going, some I had much difficulty attending to, what with the limitations recently dumped on me by failings of this and that item in the old body, when I realized that, not only am I getting old, but so is this little sweetheart cat.  
     She was right out there with me, barring the time I had the hose in hand cleaning down the concrete drive in front of the Cat Porch.  She took that time to decide she needed to be about the business of being elsewhere.  
     This little cat, this loving, caring little creature, that was unknown years old when she showed up at the dinner bowls set out for just such times as an occasional neighborhood visitor, a stray, or a feral would decide it time to have a snack and a slurp of water, this little carbon copy of my little Princess Ebony, the little Lady Kitty that spent 21 long cat years taking care of, and raising the residents of Five Oaks Manor, spends her days ruling over the Cat Porch, inspecting all visitors, and primarily supervising all our outside activities from her comfy lounge chair on said Porch.  
     Yesterday, she was overly protective of her sisfurr Smokey, and myself.   Aside from chasing one of the new stray dogs away from the acre, she unknowingly chose the spot for the freshly dug up shrublings that had sprung up around the edge of the Cat Porch.  She and Smokey supervised quite well.  The job was quick and easy since I had the necessary hand tools for the job.  
     When time for my last major break from the arduous tasks I had inadvertently set for myself, she made sure I stayed put in the lounge.  Of course Smokey was right there in the next chair purring and talking to us.  I had no more than settled my feet on the footrest when Miss Princess came light-footing it up into my lap and instantly settled in to a warm, purring lap full of happy, looking at me with that little smiley smirk on her face as if to say, "It's about time you made me my nappy lap!"  She almost instantly was asleep.  I joined her, at least until one of the local Redneck Road Rangers came roaring by on a muffler-less ATV.  
     Well, it was a fun day anyway.
     I do hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did.  And here's to us all having many more of the same, hopefully each one better than the last.  
     With that wish, I'll close for the morning, take my self down the hall, following, of course, my escort(s) of the hour, and spend some quality time with my tiny Lady Love, Miss Lisa, aka Ladybug, and her guard kitties, all arranged artfully around her.  Leisure in Heaven that.  Trust me.  
     I feel loved.
     Later ......     





  1. Spooky is sooo regal. I think she's more Queen Mother than Princess. purrr....meow!

  2. She definitely looks regal. We like the idea that she's Queen Mum! LOL.

    -Nicki and Derry

  3. Spooky looks happy in the sun!She's very brave, seeing off the stray dog and looking after u and your feline friends!

  4. Spooky is a lovely lady and looks very content to keep an eye on you.


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