Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny Saturday - It is Springtime in the SouthWoodsUSA

     Hello Everyone.  As you all have noticed, I'm quite sure, the Bear and I have been absent from the Blogging scene for the last couple three days (again).  Hope we can be forgiven.  Had some stuff and things we wanted to get into.
     On the top left of the page, and at the bottom of the Blog, you will see something new.  It's the Vote button for our newly built and published 'Buddy Bear's Cats' World's Top Cat Blogs List'.  This it the same one, enlarged, on the right. .  
     No, it's not a list I will build up with the names of nice blogs I visit daily.  It's a competition of sorts.  You visit the site, sign in, register and follow the instructions to set your Blog Spot up with Buddy's Vote Button (which will become your site's vote button). Then you visit your site, click the vote button, and voila, you are on the list.
     With your banner showing you are now in the competition for Top Cat Blog of the Month.  Everyone clicking on that button will be taken to the list and a vote will be added to your site's total.  At the end of the month the totals will be noted and the top site for the month will receive an award thingie to add to your collection, with your name, the date of the award and, of course, a copy of handsome little Buddy Bear's picture for your very own.
     We hope everyone will join, naturally, and here's to a good clean fight for all.  No dirty dealins now!
     We've another Top Site list we'll talk about tomorrow, or possibly later this evening, but right now, I and the Small One are out the door to take advantage of the beautiful day here at Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA.  We are making our first trip to the weekly Flea Market that runs, surprisingly, twelve months of the year here in the local City.  Not sure how many of the regulars will be there, nor how many 'one shot' dealers will show up, but we do know we have never been disappointed in the offerings.  Only disappointment we experience is the lack of coins to buy the stuff and things we always see that we just can't live without.  Enough for now.
     Again, check out the Top Cat Blog list.  We think you will like it once the folks begin logging in and joining the rest of the competitors.
     A note here:  I have my Blog listed there just for the purpose of opening the site.  And too,  to see what chances I might have should I be allowed to win.  Oh, and naturally to make Buddy feel good to know he is in the running just like everyone else. Any of Buddy's or My sites are not eligible to win the prizes.  Remember we already gots them.  They are for our friends.
     Awards will be made shortly after the first of each month.  Then the list will be reset for the next month's competition.  Winners awards will be posted at the top of the Top Cat blog list for all to see.  Also, no one can win the competition two consecutive months in a row.  If you come in first the month after you win, the next competitor in the list will be declared the winner.  Fair Play and all that.
     I'm gone to soak some sun and see some stuff and things.  Small One is crawling the walls for me to "get off that silly machine and lets go play!"  Gotta love the girls when they get antsy to spend a dollar.
     Be safe my friends, be happy, and Y'all come see us often.  We like visitors.
     With all the visitors stopping by, I feel loved .....
     Later .....





  1. Buddy Bear, you have the cutest markings on your nose. We know you were born with them but we just want you to know how handsome you are.

  2. I voted! But I couldn't figure the rest out...groggy today for some reason!

  3. Thanks for the compliments on The Bear. He's quite a charmer, looks, of course, are a part of it.

    Thanks for the Vote Brian. Need to get ungroggied, figure it out, and join me on the list. I am only there to show everyone what's going on. Oh, I like the votes, makes me feel good, but like I said, I own the award. So .....

    Good Weekend everyone.

    I'll be back .....

    Later .....

  4. I'll figure out the cat voting later, but in navigating around your site, Roy, felt I got to know all of you better and the story of Five Oaks Manor was really interesting. We all agree it's cool to live with nature, not tear it down.


  5. Buddy Bear,
    Awesome award! But will need to figure it out first. Am not too good in this. purrr....meow!

  6. Bear is a cutie. But I'm having problems with your page. not all of it downloads, and it take FOREVER. Must be the long distance connection.

  7. Roy, because you respect the family and I fell in love with the beautiful Princess, I will learn English. And the ocean it will pass the thought.
    I love you! Miauuuuu!

  8. I will head over to vote straight away!!!

  9. "The Bear's facial markings almost look like a four-leaf clover. Very interesting.

    Now about that contest. That sounds way cool, as well. Although we still have to figure out how to do it.

    And thank you for stopping over to Kittens 'n Things.

  10. Guess I know what I gots to do for my next post don't I.

    Instructions for loading the vote button and all the rest of the stuff and things to do on our next chapter here.

    I'll be back ......

    Later .....

  11. Don't leave us hanging--what did you find at the flea market? :-)

  12. Sorry Rene, we didn't make it to the market.

    Honestly, now, I don't remember actually what stopped us from going .... probably sleeping until after noontime ..... everyone folds and goes home prior to 1200 hrs every Saturday.

    Next week, with luck, and an 'early to bed, early to rise' situation, we'll make that trip. And I will tell all. Promise.


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