Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - From out of Our Past - pg 2


  1. lovely pics. Its some cold this morning at 15 degrees.

  2. one last try -- I enjoy these blathers very much!

  3. I especially like the on of Miki reading the paper.

  4. Yay! Made my day. Debba did double duty, Willow finally got a post up, and we now know Donna needs a new prescription for her glasses. (I just had to tease.) Sorry, Hon, but that's a carpet runner he's picking up looking for treasures Rowdy and Tegar might have hidden under there.

    I'll make some new 'copies' of the older, not so good pix next time so everyone can tell what they're seeing.

    Is good to see the sun out today even if the temps gleaned from the three local weather stations average out at 22°F. Very nice looking. Just not nice for us Southren bred folks to be out in.

    Y'all come see us when you can. Take care, stay warm, and scritch the little ones.

    Arrite! Where's the rest of the fan club. I know Bubba has more followers than this.

  5. What a really neat looking "family" you have. And you've got some really great shots of them.

    We also think it's quite interesting to see the black kitty looking under the carpet. Dif you hide stuff under there from him?

    Thanks for stopping by Kittens 'n Things this morning. We're playing catch up now.

  6. And thanks to you too, Karen, for your visit. We are also making the rounds trying to catch up. Trust me, though, it is a loosing battle when you want to be every where and see everything.

    I'm hoping to settle down with a couple three Blogs and do some serious reading from the past.

    Come when you can.

    Everyone have a great day.

  7. Karen, the hiding is done by the cats themselves, in particular Rowdy and Tegar. We've never caught Buddy or Miki 'stashing' things there. They all seem to like trying to shove something under the vacuum cleaner behind the bathroom door. That's a fun place to find stuff and things.


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