Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday - Randomly Candid 2

     What do you do when you have nothing to say?  Say it with pictures?   Sounds good to me, since, having had a bit of a busy day today, and I didn't get all my afternoon nap out, there's really nothing to say this evening.  So we go to the albums and pull a couple three snaps of the 6 Mouskateers for your perusal.  

MikiCato, has taken the high perch over the computer -
 not to watch me peck on the keys though.
He's more interested in the flock of Cardinals
on bird TV just outside the window to my right.
I'm thinking he would be a perfect example
of a 'couch potato' IF we owned a couch.
could be he is a 'shelf potato' instead?
must look into that

Smokey always meets us at the car when we come home from a drive
lately she does the same when I return from my walk
I think she gets bored waiting either way
So active for such a seemingly lazy kitty
looks like I should have cut grass instead of walking this day

     Early bedtime tonight.  The day was an active one.  It took me along for the ride.  I know I've been somewhere other than down the hall for a mug of tea and a Snickerdoodle.  Here's to a great day for one and all.   
     More after the shock of actually doing something with my day wears off.  
     Buddy said:  "Bedtime Dad!"
     I said; "Dibs on the warm spot!" but he was already curling up there.  
     So much for that wistful thinking. 
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....



  1. the girls are so use to you now bet they say daddy in meownese??? you think.

  2. Cats have knack for climbing up high, certainly like the shelf photo and love Smokey stretching out.

  3. The girls definitely call me all kinds of things when I don't come out and play with them. I always thought it was that they looked at me as a meal ticket, but not so.

    Glad you like the pix ladies. I love taking them. My subjects are almost to fast for me at times, but I try. Honest .....


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