Monday, January 31, 2011

ManCat Monday - The Pampered Puss

     The subject of a 'pampered puss' came across my mind when scrolling through the Photobucket accounts a while back and it stuck with me.  The first picture is one example of who pampers who/om in this household.  I have to admit this old man is the major contributor to the delinquency of the quadrupeds, (but not always.)  I want you to know the Small One does her share to boost the 'pamper level' considerably.
     I walked into the fun room one evening, late, and came upon this sight.  The favorite spot of all of the insiders here.  Note, if you will, the fresh laundered linens, the soft, fluffy, warm blanket pad and of course the receiving blankets that have, over the years, mysteriously appeared in abundance on the kitty linen shelf in my closet.
     And too, when was the last time you knew of a cat that could cover himself up that neatly?  Oh, and the fuzzy toy Tegar  is cuddling was knitted by the Lady of the House, NOT me!
     I rest my case.  

Tegar has a soft spot in his little heart for all things warm.
The Small One is his first target when the urge comes upon him.
Oh, sure, I've had a few sessions of 'cuddle the cute one' over the years.
The heater always gets him in the end.

MikiCato, not being one to spurn the pleasures of warmth and cuddle,
was more often than not seen cuddling or being cuddled.
The two, when together, can end the most serious discussion,
craft project, and sometimes cause
human eyelids to close in sympathy to their need for a cat nap.
They take advantage of me quite often, trust me.

The kitchen window, always a favored spot for all things feminine and such
has been stripped of such frivolities - 
the why is never discussed -
in fact it is an 'avoided' subject in Five Oaks Manor.
But we see why.
The ManCat was gazing over my shoulder out the back door
I felt ignored.
Small One said it is all 'show'. 

     No, I am the main suspect when the subject of pampering comes up in this household.  I am the one who instigates the cuddle sessions, I am the one who ..... well, you get the idea.  I'm sure, though I am not the only 'I' that could be convicted of the crime.
     Loving the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor is addictive, and WE are devoted to the task of pampering, just, as it seems, are they devoted to pampering their humons.  We are glad to be 'their humons'.  Ain't Love grand?
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....


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