Thursday, February 03, 2011

Thursday - Remembering the first Snow of the Year

     On the morning of the 10th of January, this year, the SouthWoods looked quite pretty with its fresh white frock of soft fluffiness.  Most of the residents of the area were calmly observing the scene, thinking their private thoughts about this, that and the other, and preparing to take on the tasks of the new day.  

Even the birds were silent in honor of the day
Strange as it was, the snow was not dreaded nor
was it unwanted by as many as would admit later
It was just unexpected
Mother Nature at her finest

     All through this light downfall, we, the residents of Five Oaks Manor,  attended to our personal business as usual, with only light speculation as to what we might expect when we went out and about.  That is, IF we went out and about.  Well, need and want did not figure in that IF, and we did NOT go out and about.  
     Oh, I went out to the Cat Porch to check on the little girl kits, fed them, got their reports and reactions to the cold, wet white stuff that is back again.  Yes, they had seen it before, and we even reported  their reactions a year or so ago here in the Blog.  This year the girls' reaction was like, 'so what'.  I left it at that, snugged up the blanket covering the entrance into their boudoir in the laundry room, added another small heat lamp to the room, and went to the front to look around. 
     Nothing stirred.  No one was out.  There were NO tire tracks on the roadway, no shoveled piles of unwanted snow anywhere.  Just pure crystalline white snow - Mother Nature's favorite 'winter robe.'  Oh, there were tracks, small tracks, tiny furrows from burrow to food supply and other areas, but there were no moving bodies.  All were closely tucked into their respective 'warm spots', where when after only a short time, I, myself, returned to mine.  
     The first thing I noticed as I came back inside the kitchen was Buddy Bear.   Standing on the old microwave cabinet we now use as a bread box/cat 'look out the door' stand, he made it his first official job of the day to see me informed of the fact it was cold out, I shouldn't go out, and I should now feed them their soft dinners.  I told him that I knew, I didn't, and I did.  And we all, in short order, paraded into the front room to the futon and another couple three hours of sleep.  
     Snow is nice, in moderation, nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere other that in the SouthWoods where it is just a once in a while thing.  
     NO, we did NOT make a snow man, we did not make snow angels, but yes I did shovel one small path to the passenger's door of the car for M'Lady just in case things iced over or we had an emergency and had to go out.  Oh, and the path was to the little cats' emergency 'when it's raining, or otherwise bad weather' 'out house' under the car.  Double duty that task. 
     I do not regret not having snow in quantities sufficient to handle my taking a cross country trek by snow shoe or ski, or even a down hill glide on my trusty toboggan.  Those endeavors are from a time long past, at least in this old soul's world.  M'Lady was born and raised in deep snow (Germany), and she, as well, has no regrets and no desire to relive the lost childhood.  We talked about it seriously for every bit of 10 minutes, then we turned the TV on, lit the fire under the kettle, and begun the day in warmth and a light scattering of cat hair.  
     Just remembering .....
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....




  1. lovely blather my friend. The cats are intrested in the color of the yard I see. white and pretty. Hope the outside girls appreciate the cold but love a warm cuddle with Poppa when you comeout...

  2. Thanks Debra. The cats are interested in anything on 'Bird TV', especially if it is new, it moves, or it looks back. And the little outsiders are definitely into a cuddle. Any time I care to sit down out there I have a lap full and a shoulder full. Oh, and conversation is never dull with those two. We talk a lot, us three.

  3. Sounds very peaceful and cozy! If you don't have to go out and can just watch the snow and enjoy it all the better.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  4. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. It's a great pleasure to meet you all!

    Purrs and Woofs,
    The Poupounette Gang

  5. Always good to hear about how well you take care of your babies, my friend. Glad you are staying warm. The snow looks so much prettier where you are.... ours is dirty looking in big piles by now. More on the way, too, I think.

  6. Y'know...we wish we only had the white stuff once and awhile...we get waaaaay too much of it!! Maybe we need to move to the South Woods.

  7. Welcome to all the 'newbies' to our place, and too, welcome to old friends.

    Door is always open. Y'all come when you can.

    And thanks for the comments and compliments.

  8. A little touch of the north is nice once in a while.....makes you appreciate what you have all the more....That's what the Heathen said to tell yo.

  9. Sounds like something he would say. Wish I could send him some warm and some bare ground so he could go out in the Cat House for a romp. Take care of the little deer.


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