Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday - Shopping Day - a look back

I don't know who told the joke
or what it was about
but it must have been a good one
I didn't catch the punch line
I need a 'sense of humor' check maybe?
No one lets me know about these things ..........

     Well, the day (Thursday) was NOT funny for us.  Still it was not a bad day.  It was the day Unk Sugar deposited our monthly stipend in the bank.  Naturally when there are empty shelves and canisters in the pantry and there's money to hand, there's the mad rush to restock said shelves and canisters.  That we did shortly after rising, scrubbing, and munching.  
     Being the day of Social Security check deposits, the superstore was chock full of good stuff, and of course, most all of the Seniors in the county, along with dozens of the others drawing SS because of medical problems.  Every riding cart in the place was on the floor, and inevitably, to some extent, in the way.  Well, that's not all that bad.  At least everyone in this day's crowd is always moving at the same speed ..... slow and deliberate.  We encountered only one little tyke loose and almost completely un-supervised.  No problem.  She was small enough her speed just about matched ours.
     Because of the morning weather report we shopped light, just picking up what we were out of and/or in dire need of.  Snow was the prognostication, and not liking to drive in the white stuff, especially when my sweetie is riding along, we made tracks back home early.  
     As I was unloading the Green Hornet (the name we gave the car), a very fine powder began to weave it's magic in the air around me.  Not enough to do more than spot the windshield when I started unloading, it soon forced me to grab my old Outback hat on one trip back out the door.  
     52 bags and boxes later, (no, not a lot of stuff, just that they pack the plastic bags light -- they know we use the bags as liners for the small trash cans around the house), the snow was making a mark on the landscape.  But it wasn't much of one.  
     The show was great, the Cats all enjoyed batting at the flakes as they hit the windows, and I resigned myself to the fact that we would now catch the bad stuff.  It stopped with just a light powdering on the dead grass.  Now the freeze is on for tonight and tomorrow.  More on that in a couple days.
     Oh, the boxes I mentioned ..... they were the small ones franks and butter and such is shipped in -- just the right size for little kitties to romp and snooze in.  We always bring the kits something every shopping day.  This time it was replacements for the last batch of box/nest/playhouses that is swiftly growing battered and claw-worn.
     I might mention here, we had lots of help unloading all the goodies, especially from little MikiCato.  He was the first in a bag, and I might add, the last out of the bags.  Life is good with the little ones. 
     Weather?  Yeah, we gots some.  But I have to admit we are lucky.  Much luckier that the folks with the blizzards, the cyclones, the earthquakes and such all over the world.  For that I am happy.  No bragging. No intention here to hurt feeling.
     Until next time .....
     I feel loved. 
     Later .....

"When you come upon your cat, deep in meditation, staring thoughtfully at something that you can't see, just remember that your cat is, in fact, running the universe."
~Bonni Elizabeth Hall & Missycat~



  1. Hi Buddy Bear. Thanks for visiting us. Would you let us in on the joke. We like a good laugh!

  2. Forgot to say that I like to get in the tub too. If I hear mum or dad get in I am right there. They have to grab a towel quick because I like to make biscuits on them first before I lie down and let my paws and tail float in the water.

  3. Hey Eric! Welcome to the place. Buddy and the girls and boys will be happy to know you visited us this morning. But I doubt we will ever know the story of the joke. He's a little secretive and won't tell the same one twice. Frustrating that.

    Again, Welcome, and come when you can.

  4. Wr did smile at 52 bags and boxes being described as a light shop! #1 tells us that we're eating machines too and she seems to spend half her time shopping for us.

    Loved the laugh photo!!!

    The Chans

  5. Hello, Buddy Bear. Thanks for inviting us here. That's quite a set of teeth you have!

  6. Hi Roy!

    I love your blather about your return trip from shopping. Our cats do the same thing. Also when we get parcels in the mail that is packed in brown paper. If it is one big piece I have to cut it half or there would be a fight between the two fur kids over the one brown paper, who is going to be the master of the brown paper. Have a great Friday!

  7. Thanks all for the compliments, Welcome to all the 'newbies', and Hi and Hello to the regulars.

    Just been tweaking the computer, and had myself a time figuring out what needed to be done where and why.

    But I do get more 'getupandgo' now.

    Wonder what I lost in the shuffle?


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