Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday - Buddy's Secret Revealed

     7 Things about the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor that no one is supposed to know but probably already found out.  That was the requirement for the award we talked about in yesterday's post.  So, now the revelations begin .....


     Buddy Bear is a closet 'hickey giver'.  All his little life Buddy has had one secret craving, and he takes advantage of every chance he gets to realize the thrill of it.  Buddy always makes sure he tucks his Small One (the Lady Bean) in at night.  Always!
     The routine goes something like this:
     - Small One is last coming to bed.  Big One is already there, Buddy is in place draped over Big One's right arm with the arm and the cat propped up on the pillow.  To all appearances this woolybooger dust mop kitty is already asleep, dead to the world.  His purr has run down long ago, and he has relaxed his death grip on the arm he calls 'MINE, MINE' and apparently can't go to sleep at night without piling on top of.
     - Small One appears, quietly slipping into bed, sometimes with her book and spesticles in hand, planning on a relaxing half hour or so reading her latest choice from the extensive collection of literature adorning the walls of every room in the house save the kitchen and the bath.
     - Woolybooger cat is NOT asleep as was first assumed.  Da sneaky little purrbutt was faking it most convincingly.  Although, from experience, the Big One knew what was going to happen.  And we think the Small One did too but would not admit it.  She's like that sometimes.  Nevermind .....
     - Woolybooger takes an instant flat footed leap over Large One's chest to land 'kneading biscuits',  mewling and impatiently waiting for the chance to pounce on the Small One's chest.  Small One finally relaxes and arranges her covers, puts her book and glasses down and accepts the loving little butterball furrbutt into her open arms.
     - Woolybooger now lives his lifetime dream ..... this meaning he has dreamed of it all his life and has done it all his life, even from the time when he could not step up on his favorite humon but had to clamber and claw his way up or be lifted in place by loving hands.
     - The Woolbyooger, a fully grown, round, but not really fat, short legged, long haired furrball cat, (a Ragamuffin actually), already into his 10th year of life on this scarred and maltreated earth, turns into half baby and half guinea pig, little soggy muzzle and cold nose quickly sliding under the Small One's chin searching for the favorite spot of the evening.  A soft spot, a delicious soft, Small One tasting spot, where the little cat will spend a half to three quarters of an hours making a hickey.
     - Well, it seems, from all observations that the hickey making process lasts maybe a couple three minutes then himself is zonked out.  Little front paws wrapped protectively around his humon Mom's neck, tail wrapped tightly around himself, Buddy has all the appearances and of a well fed, pampered Guinea Pig.  Buddy and his Mom Bean nap.
     - Suddenly something moves, or someone breathes deeply, maybe a ghost goes bump in the other room ..... whatever, the little cat wakes with a start, turns and looks glassy eyed at me, says 'meowr', turns back and gives the Small One a couple of head bumps on the chin, then takes a flying leap onto my chest, knocking the breath out of me every time.  I know it is going to happen, I should after all these years, but still .....
     - The orgy of the evening over, Buddy Bear, attacks, curls around, and falls comfortably onto the Big One's arm propped on the pillow, his fluffy back to the Big One's chest.  A couple of quietly murmured sweet nothings between the Cat and his Big One, and they both fall asleep.
     - Neither remembered the camera that spent the rest of the night collecting dust bunnies on the night stand.  The camera that was supposed to be used to capture a picture of the treasured sight of 'a Lady and her cat in a quiet, private moment.'


     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....




  1. That's a really sweet story. Herman just has me, but he's in bed with me within moments of my turning off the light from wherever he has been.

  2. They have their little rituals, don't they? Tigger snuggles my arm until I finally turn off the TV and light, then he quietly leaves and goes to his dish and eats his supper. Then he comes back to bed for the night.

  3. Oh Buddy Bear, you really are very special!

  4. Buddy Bear ~ quite the character! A great story... more, more ...

  5. What a unique ritual.

    Thank you so much for all of your visits and well wishes.

  6. What a sweet kitty he is. I have my ritual too. I escort dad to bed then when he is asleep I go to the recliner. When mum goes to bed I go in with her and give her a nightly head massage. When I have finished I lie on her pillow with one paw stretched out on to dad's head. Flynn just gets right under the covers and goes right to sleep.


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