Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday - What Happens when You Forget to write a post

This morning, feeling full of vim, vip, vigor and vitality (don't ask), I sat my bony old self down in front of the computer all fired up to upload the latest post.  Surprise!  I had none to upload.  I wrote the #%$# thing in my head and forgot to put it on the computer.  Thinking further, I realized I had forgotten just WHAT I wrote, even the SUBJECT of the forgotten post.  I did remember one thing though, and I tended to that.  Added my first PAGE to the place I did, I did.  I are getting smart, I are.  Yes indeedy!
     We've received an award from a new friend ...... well since I've only been posting around the blogs for such a short time now I kinda categorize all my friends as new ..... y'all are donchaknow?
     Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing the Caturday post here and I'm babbling about ..... Oh, yes, now I remember.  AWARD! 
     It came from Zoey at Zoolatry

Thank you Zoey!

     The award is The Stylish Blogger Award, and to completely qualify for the honor of having it on our Blog, I understand the winners are required to list 7 things you folks do not know about US folks.  Simple enough.  I think we are all old enough here at Five Oaks Manor to have a few choice tidbits we are not too embarrassed to share with our friends.
     In addition to revealing all, we are supposed to pass on the award to 7 Friends, friends with blogs.  That last chore I shall be taking on AFTER I have discovered which one of my new friends do NOT have it.  As I have gathered from reading around, snooping, and just down right spying here there and over there and ..... er, as I was saying, I have gathered that many folks have the award already.
     At such time as the list is completed, we shall post the list and call it an end to the requirements.  At least to THAT part of the requirements.  I'm working on the first part too.
     So you see this is going to be a rather lengthy/ongoing task.  I think I like this.  I really do.  Well, we'll see.  Minds do have the odd habit of changing, even those of the male of the specie.   So ..... (that last may get me banned in a few places, or at the least chastised most ferociously, but so be it.  I am NOT NOW, nor have I ever been, politically correct, and, come to think of it, I shall never be such.  I'm too old for that $#@%.)
     Methinks, perchance, I have made a bit of a post tonight/this morning/right now/whenever, and I shall move on to other things.  Oh, in the off chance anyone reading along should care to delve into the 'other things' I shall be moving on to, you can hit THIS PAGE to pick up the links of all the major sites and places Buddy Bear and I have going on the WWW.  The following page will give you the whole shooting match of links (at the bottom of the page.)
     Just as an aside here:  You would never guess how many years it took me to realize how simple it would be to add all the major links on the start page of the Web Site.  I'm still marveling at the ingenuity and originality of the old brain that rattles around in my head.    
     So, possibly tomorrow comes the start of the requirements for the award.  Join us, if you will, and we shall see what we shall see.
     As always, I feel loved.
     Later .....


Smokey's first appearance on the Cat Porch
She came complete with bag and baggage,
a injured left front paw,
and a love that still amazes me.
that was 7 years ago



  1. Congrats on the award! It is quite hard, especially when the awards have been circulating for a while, to figure out who has had it and who hasn't. We received that one from two different blogs!

    The Chans

  2. Can't believe it has been 7 years, KO!! And yet it seems like she has always been there...

    Thanks from Ms Tasha for showcasing her and her sunbeam.

  3. Concats on your award. We always like to think that if we have had an award more than once, that makes it extra nice.


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