Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday - More Secrets Revealed

     Just a note here before we let the main post go ...... this being the day of sweethearts and love and all the rest of what goes with it, let me wish, one and all, a verrry
Happy Valentines' Day.  
     Whether or not you or your country of residence observes this holiday, I still wish you the best of the day.  Take care of those you love and those who love you.  Don't forget the little ones.  They may not be able to talk, but they know love, and if you just stop and watch, you will see them telling you all about it. 
     Now, back to the regularly scheduled festivities.  
~Roy Sr.~


     Here we continue the revelations of the 7 Things about the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor that no one is supposed to know but probably already found out.


    MikiCato is having an affair with a female Cardinal, or at least he was a couple four or so years ago.
     Lately though, I think he is either playing the field so to speak, or his ladybird friend has moved on to other places.  I even spotted a couple of Blue Jay Ladies at the window when the flock was passing through a couple weeks ago.  Oh, and there was a young Mourning Dove Miss who spend quite some time feeding and nestling on the bricks lying on the window ledge (bricks that were placed there to help keep the pop-out screens from being popped out by the ferocious bird chasing felines residing in the Manor.)  Actually I think, safety wise, the cats would be more in danger of being hurt than the birds.   Just my oddball opinion.
     Anyway, this all started a few years back when the bird TV was first installed just outside the front window of the room The Lady of the House calls 'Roy's Computer Room', and Roy calls 'The Cats' Room'.
     It was a cool day, not quite cold, not quite warm ..... one of those days, should you decide you want to grab a lounge and soak up the afternoon sun, you would immediately think of taking a lap robe along 'just in case'.  And it would be needed.  Ok, so much for that explanation.
     Windows were open just enough for the cats to be able to stretch out on the window shelves/ledge nests and be able to watch the world withough having to bend down and look 'up under' the bottom of the window, if you know what I mean.  Mr Sleek Kitty was in the prime spot to observe all the goings on out there, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself.  Most of the birds on the feeder (not 2 foot from where the noisy, chittering little feline lay) ignored the 'intruder' taking advantage of the absence of the usually large crowd demanding time at the 'table'.  All but one.
     A little female Cardinal, rather small, probably not more than 1 season old, was feeding on the ledge outside the window.  When I noticed her she was on the oposite end of the ledge from where Miki was lounging.  Keep in mind now that there was only a thin cloth type screen between the two.  The size and strength of our little hero could, and in several instances in the past did, take that screen out with no problem.
     Working her way down the ledge making short work of the randomly scattered 'splatter' from the frenzied feeding of the other birds, the little Lady soon came beak to whisker with her 'mortal enemy', who to my great surprise did nothing but continue his 'chitterings' and 'murlings'.  She remained there most of the afternoon.
     To make things brief and to the point, these two begun 'talking'.  It took a good part of the afternoon for the two to settle down where they were not 'testy' with each other, but it happened.  Those two got to know each other, and eventually seemed to take each other for granted.  I'd never seen any other bird take the 'chances' with the ferocious carnivore in the window that the little Cardinal was taking.
     Seems the next day was almost a carbon copy of the previous, and so was the afternoon's activities.  I came in a mite late that day from doing 'my thing' on the back quarter of the acre to find the two at it again.  It was as if they had made their peace and were 'friends'.
     All the rest of the year this same little bird came back almost daily.  If someone wondered "Where is Miki?", it could be safely said, he is with his girl/bird friend in the window.  Cold days, there was pecking and pawing on the window at each other.  I continually had to clean the little MikiCato 'nose prints' off that window.  At just at that corner only.
     The following year --  the same thing most every day.  Some folks that had the pleasure of observing the interludes said it couldn't be the same little bird.  I think otherwise.  Besides the little lady and her partner had their nest in the corner wisteria vine on the Cat Porch.
     Now, years after the 'romance' Miki still watches Bird TV, but he never curls in that corner, or seems to put much 'serious' interest in any of the little ones brave enough to eat on the outside ledge like his little Cardinal friend.
     Sometimes I wonder .....  If a human and a cat can share 'love' and 'friendship', then why not a bird and a cat?  I'm just glad I was able to observe this 'friendship' between two of Mother Nature's most precious little creatures.


     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....



  1. Yo Miki,
    Hmmm.....birdy girlfriend? Really? That would be pawesome. purrr....meow!

  2. That is such a great story about Miki. I beleive that can happen. Don't know if it would happen if Miki was outside. Anyway, I like that a lot. Nice to meet you. I have seen your great comments around the blogosphere and decided to come visit. You have a lovely blog. Take care.

  3. Sweet Tweets if you listen close enough you might get a chirping lil purr out of the Miki.... giggles.....

  4. I can see that kind of friendship happening..There was even a video making the rounds of a stray kitten and a crow who became fast friends.

  5. Strange things can happen. We both like to hunt but me more so than Eric. Last year an exhausted racing pigeon sought shelter in our garden. I went right up to it and mum was ready to try and save it but I just sniffed it.It stayed in our garden for a week and when mum fed it corn I would sit beside it and watch it eat. I have caught wild wood pigeons but never attempted to touch this one. When it was ready to fly back to it's loft I kept going out looking for it for several days after.

  6. Awwww!! That was a lovely story!!
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  7. Hi, Roy--My first visit to your blog. Saw your comments around the 'sphere and thought I'd visit.

    Happy Valentine's Day, kind sir!


  8. How unusual! That is a lovely little cat.

    Thanks for your kind words. Au ate last night AND this morning!!! We're hoping this means he's decided to live. He's a tough kitty so if he has the will, he should recover. Thanks for the purrs. We really appreciate it.

  9. VERY good read! Thank you for posting and sharing this!
    did we mention we love the cat name 'bear' !!

    happy V day .

  10. i wanted to add, i really enjoyed this post. it was so heart touching and inspirational. animals are full of love and THEY know mutual respect and understanding one another. to observe this behavior is a blessing!

  11. Thank you all for visiting and especially for the good words about the writings. I do hope I can write something someone likes. I don't 'invent' happenings, nor do I do fantasy writings like I was accused of more than a few times in the past. I just write what I see and what's on my worn old mind.

    Everyone is welcome to come, read, and make full comment and remarks. As I said in the line above the Comment block, We/I like talk.

    Thanks again for the visits and comments.

    Y'all come when you can. I'll be visiting when I can as well.


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