Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday - A Break for a Day

     I have to take a break from the posting, just for the day is all.  A bit of disrupting news is the cause.  Simple explanation being this.  The forums provider we have had a pair of forums on for over 10 years is closing the doors on us. That was, to me, a big shock since I have spent so much time working on and developing the sites, and too, have made so many friends, so many of long standing.
     I've much material stored on the sites that I don't have copies of on the hard drive, and too, I want to make copies of some of the pages.  I'll be doing that most of the night/day.  So, with your forgiveness I shall be about my tasks. 
     Buddy and the clowder are doing fine, the girls tucked in for the night in their boudoir (laundry room/cat house), the boys are arranged around the house in comfort and style befitting a quartet of little King Kitties, two of them (Buddy and Tegar already draped over their Small One in the big bed.)  So, with no worries about them, I am about the tasks of the hour. 
     Back tomorrow .....
     Be safe, stay warm, and be happy ......


  1. The closing down of your forums provider is a bit of a bummer. I hope you can get all your stuff copied before it becomes unavailable.

  2. Sorry to hear you are having all that trouble with your forums. Hope you are able to retrieve your information.

  3. Oh no, I hope you can get the good stuff back. We're not that good about backing up stuff we thing is safe.

  4. Sad news indeed....I got the word on Able Minds this morning. Shooting the Breeze moved there a couple of years ago, anticipating this closing.

    I'm happy to go where ever you choose, KO....hopefully someplace not too different...read that as easy to navigate.

  5. Hey all. Taking a break here. didn't realize copying and pasting, Screen Caping and such could be so time consuming and sooooo boring. Still I found a LOT of good stuff that is worth revamping and using here and on KO's Blog on WordPress.com. Had to make a special folder to put the 'revamp goodies' in. That took more time ..... whatever.

    Everyone: thanks for the good wishes. I think having 2 month I'll get it all .... big forums both of them but .....

    Donna, I'm thinking the navigation is not going to be as good for some of the folks as we had, but then again, 'nothing is as good as we had' donchaknow. The links are on the Web Site start page at http://www.thewizardsgtpop.com


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