Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sleepy Sunday - Cat Naps cause things

I have seen kittens sleeping standing up, sitting up
and just about any way you can imagine
But a grown Cat sleeping like this
MikiCato will be 8 in three months (May)
This cat is a surprise on 4 legs let me tell ya
the camera flash woke him up
if looks could have killed ......
I felt guilty!

Shelves are great places to stack books and things
this shelf, 7ft up, is there as a walk way for the boys
Buddy Bear, and too, the other three boys
believe shelves are for sleeping on
the shelf is NOT wide enough for that pudgy little cat
well, he is the Monorail Cat after all
I'll stay down here

     The boys sleep anywhere, but when it comes to serious sleep, sleeping with the beans, then it's all up close and personal, snuggle and cuddle.  In fact, this post is not what I had intended to present today because of that.  Plans were to start after supper, take my time and work for that one 'once in a lifetime only dreamed of best post in the world'.  Not to be today.  WE woke up at midnight, minds (at least mine) blank, and I still had to upload 30 photos to the file on line.  Spur of the moment posting again.  
     Real life takes its toll again.  Well, another day, another Cat Nap.  
     Still, life is good.  Sleep is too!
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....


  1. Fuifui went to sleep face down in the carpet once. It was hilarious. I can't believe MikiCato is comfortable like that! Buddy Bear, on the other hand, is making me sleepy :)

  2. Little Miki was actually playing 'Leaning Tower of Piazza' or whatever the Cateese equivalent of that name is. Don't think it would have been long till he would have keeled over into a pile.

    Buddy always makes me sleepy. I see him yawn and I automatically yawn back. Then it's only a short time till sleep is scritching at the back door.

    Our little ones can get into some very comical positions and situations for sure.

  3. Tash now has a major problem. My exercise bike has moved in and her launching pad to the window perch is too far away from the goal. Last night I was watching her gauging the distance for a leap, and changing her positions...so I just picked her up and put her where she wanted to go. She turned and looked at me with an "I didn't know you could do that !" expression.

  4. LOL! Now you've done it Hon. Hence forth you will be expected to put her in her perch. Every time you ignore her you will be punished. Promise! Heh!

  5. kits are forever entertaining. My kit has the power to make me jump out of bed at a single Mew. he is king and knows it. He wants his bidding done. Never mine.. I live for his rangy little mew and he knows it.happy kitty trails to you all.;0 love it donna.....


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