Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday - Late, but I am BACK!

     I would like to express my thanks for the concern everyone has shown concerning our Blog.
     Sorry I didn't make myself more understandable when I first posted that we were loosing the private Forums.  Not the Blog.
     Now for an update, and to make an end of the disturbance I caused.
     Seems things on the forum scene are settling down, and it is very possible that all the members of the old sites are settling into a much better place.  Oh there's going to be complaining and whining and whimpering about it not being just like the old one, and this is missing, and that is not working, and we can't find this and that.  Can't decorate like we could over there.
     Heh!  I complain with the best of them, but with a little help from your friends, and the surprisingly humongous amount of volunteered help from the folks already at the new site, things are shaping up, the complaining is going down, and we're down to catching up with the stragglers and getting them registered and settled in.
     Plenty of things to talk about around my place tonight.  The Lady of the house is into knitting yet another sweater/vest/something or the other for me so she won't be contributing anything.  Don't read me wrong.  That little lady is a whiz with the needles (she's watching TV, holding the spoiled one, Tegar, and steadily knitting away)  Multitasking I think its called.  I've an armful of boxes of baby stuff to mail out this coming payday that she's knitted (and some crocheted as well.)  All just for friends and for the family, and (horrors) ME too.  Like I don't have a lifetime supply.  I guess I'm going to have to start going out more often just so I can wear all these gorgeous things she makes for me.  You know, I'm thinking if little Mitzy, the little Rat Terrier we had for so many years way back when, was still with us, she would be the best dressed little barkie in the great state of Mississippi.
     Anyway.  The explanation, the thanks to all of you, and my presence all are here and posted and what have you, so I am now supposed to do some more posting and writing.  That's good.  This filling out of forms and changing this and that on forms and forums and such has gotten me a mite down.  Heh!  I still have to build MY forums.  Maybe I'll farm the job out to the folks volunteering to do so.  That's a thought.
     Since this is the kitties' place I'm considering what I'll do.  Can't quite get into the '7 things you don't know about us' that I'm still owing for the gifted site award.  It's 2 down and 5 to go.  It will be a while, but we'll try to make it good.  And I have two more pages to build and add to the Index on the upper left of the side column.
     Before I forget, I have one extra note of thanks, and it goes to KC, the lady that has one of the most beautifully designed and run Web Site I've had the pleasure to read and enjoy over the years.  Gentleannie 2 is the title.
     There you'll find verse, story and picture of her cats and too, of life.  What can I say but "give her a visit, and, while you are there, drop a line in her guest book at the least."  It's a good place for all to visit.  I do often.

      One more for the fun of it
Buddy taken at one of the many Cat Nip parties
we have here at Five Oaks
He left early but came back as the others were leaving
Talk about being 'High as a Georgia Pine'
I think if he had a pine tree he would have climbed it

     Y'all come when you can. 
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....



  1. Hey Buddy! When's the next cat nip party? purrrr.....meow!

  2. Nicely worded blog. Thanks for all your help enjoyed speaking with ya last night. To all that meows I bid have a purrrfect day.....

  3. Buddy looks like he is really into it!! LOL!!

  4. We would love to see some of your lady's handiwork. The cats don't have to model it . . . :-)

  5. Oh, here you are. We've had you bookmarked for some time. We're old friends of Gentle Annie's and we love her site too. She was concerned about you.

  6. Popped in to visit and love seeing a blog just full of kitties, meow! The only problem with crocheting when there are kitties around is their little hairs get kind of caught in the other fiber and become visible in the light, oooops, how many I must pick out to finish my pieces...aw well, it's worth it!


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