Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday - Bed Inspectors Take Over - End of the Tail

     Last time we talked about bed making and the assistance so readily given by the boys, Tegar, and Rowdy.  What, you may ask, did the other two, MikiCato and Buddy Bear, contribute to the task of preparing the family nest for occupancy? 
     If you must know, they are considered, because of age and the tendency to be a bit more on the lazy side, the Inspectors, and many times Testers, of the finished product of the labors of the Humons and the two whippersnapper youngsters.  When I was in the military we called the job 'blanket pressers!'  So I guess we can settle for the label 'blanket testers and adjusters, first and second class.'

     Buddy, having had more experience at the designated tasks, seems to be the 'leader of the pack.'  Miki tends to concentrate on the smaller details, in particular, HIS blankey, which usually resides dead center of the big bed, where, when nap time comes 'round, he will 'make his biscuits', mewl and purr until the Large one builds a sort of 'fort of small 'banana' pillows for him to curl in.  We'll call him the 'specialist in personal cuddling space'.
     Buddy, is the bolder of the two when it comes to selecting space and comforts.

    The idea of sleeping in the big bed is, to Buddy, a chance to cuddle with the Large One, although just occupying  the bed with the Small One is quite delightful too.  Still, to obtain the ultimate in blissful slumber,  a Cat must have the full and undivided attention, not to mention the pillow, the arm, and the warmth of the chest of the Large One.  
(A NOTE here:  Someone should have clued this cat into the fact that I was NOT his rescuer,  just the bankroll behind the necessary expenses to settle his floofy little self into our humble abode.)

          Well, the job of inspecting, and testing is almost completed this day, except for one small detail not yet taken care of.  The Large One is still playing 'flashy thing' with the little box he always shoves in the faces of the poor, overworked, under paid, Tester/Inspectors that spend their day lovingly labouring over the fine details of the sleeping space Small One and the Kid Kitties have prepared.  Himself should be coming to bed shortly so his night wear can be inspected as well, in particular the sleeves of his shirt.  They gots to be soft and warm and snuggly, plus they gots to have that fresh just laundered smell what Small One puts on all the sleepy stuffs here at Five Oaks Manor.

     From the calender hanging on the wall I detect this set of pictures were taken back in April of 2006.  And from the last shot I detect that I was patiently waited for, Buddy parked in his spot on 'our' side of the bed.  The 'assistant inspector', not being quite as pushy as his leader, has already dozed off to slumber land.  He'll be scooped up and tucked into his fort before the Floofy one will be wrapped around, and snuggled up to, by this Large One.  
     With this installment of the story, we shall end the 'Tails of the Bedmaking Chores of the 4 ManCats of Five Oaks Manor'.  Suffice to say, the humons residing in said Manor are well taken care or, although, some can say, they are rather limited in the comforts of the huge bed located in the family sleeping room.  Still, the company is good, the smell of fresh linen is good, and the damn kitty whiskers tickling my nose at night are, after all, good too! 
     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....



  1. It is important that each has their own job, that way the bed will be purrfection.

  2. Every house needs blanket and bed inspectors and testers! So important for quality control and the overall health and well-being of all occupants!

  3. nice looking kittys to help with the sheets giggle

  4. You're doing a fabulous job inspecting the bed! It's important work!

  5. They take their job very serious. they boss me around, until I give in. Buddy has told me I need new sheets, he also told me I need to refill his bowl of water. He is the boss and let you know when things are not right.

  6. Wonder why I can't do that with the Ladybug.

    Well, kitties are privileged characters after all. And in our house, Characters are Welcome!

  7. All in all, I thinks being a "Blanket Tester" is a very important position to hold!

  8. Wow, they are very good at their jobs, aren't they! When our Buddy was young, he opened a bedmaking school to teach others how to make one properly, but Jan made him close it because she said his methods created more work for her and she was getting complaints from his pupil's humans. :)


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