Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday - Meal Time - Cats on the Table? - A Rant

     Cats on the dinner table, and at meal times too ..... how unsanitary!  BS!
     I've posted many a picture of the little cats of our household over the years, all are snapshots, most NOT portrait quality, some I lucked out with, others I managed to fake it a bit.  Whatever!
     The subjects of said pictures were the reasons for taking the shots, not the chance of winning fame and world wide acclaim for my artistic abilities with this gadgety little thing I was gifted with by a very close friend.  In addition the taking of the pictures was not done with the idea of showing off our beautiful furniture and living accommodations.  If I wanted to try for the former, I would get out the background goodies, the indirect lighting, and stage the shots like crazy.  I've never had anyone distract the kits' attention to get the 'playful' look, or any such.  I guess I could, but most of the time I don't think of it.  I want to take a picture of what I see when I see it.  Oh, I will do some 'fancy stuff' sooner or later, but .....
     Anyway, todays edition covers a thorny subject that has been sticking in my craw for the longest of times.  I've been told, to my face, and too, by more than a few EMails, that I should use better and nicer looking background.  I should show off the fancy stuff of the house in the background in other words.  Well, I have news for those folk, and any reading along now that would sorely LOVE to 'wise this old Dude up' about letting folks see such untidiness and uncleanliness.
     What you see is what it is.  We don't live 'high on the hog' as the country folk say.  We live with what we can afford, and at the age we are now, living is not easy, what with Big Brother and Big Business chipping away at our meager monthly checks.  Moving around the world for most of the first third of our married life (we have been married 48 years this July for those who are curious), we have not built up a collection of fine furniture, nice this and that, and what have you.  Being in the military, you don't do that and have it survive the trips to and from foreign countries.
     We are comfortable, live in our home, and do NOT spend the majority of our day cleaning and polishing and getting ready for the 'guests' and neighbors that will come for the evening.  That time is long past.  Now we live in said house, and are as I said comfortable.  The cats are family, and they have the free run of the house, including the dining room.  Hell, they eat in the dining room too.  They each have chairs in said dining room, and are allowed in there when we eat.  If someone, family or that rare friend (they are few and far between, most having gone on before us) visits, the either accept the family as a whole, or not.
     So the remarks over the years about cats on the dinner table, especially after a meal and before the cleanup is attended to, are totally opinionated and inconsiderate.  Think about it.  The cats share the house with you.  They shed hair just like you do, they shed skin (dandruff) just like you do, they sneeze, have accidents, and make a stinky, just like you do.  In other words, their 'cooties' are all over, just like yours are.  The lady of the house and I have had cats and other pets living with us for as many years as we claim each other as 'the better half'.  And it hasn't killed us yet.  We keep a clean house, we keep clean 'children', we eat our own food, the cats eat theirs (they do not eat human food, mainly by choice), we share an occasional drink of water from the same mug, maybe a sip or two of my milk for Miki, but we are not dead or dying from any diseases transfered from human to cat or vice versa.
     So, take my pictures as you see them, or get outta my space.  At least my cats are not forced to live outside 24/7 and have to fend for themselves because I feel they are 'just an animal', 'have no souls',  or 'care for nothing or nobody but themselves,'  as so many cats are.  They are living beings, they feel hurt, they feel love, they feel hunger, and share many other feelings and needs that we do.
     Maybe I should not be ranting like this.  Maybe, but I am.  Why would I do something like this?  Because I feel I need to.
     "No one else would do this" you say?  Well then I guess it's about time.  
     Life with animals close to you like ours are is not sterile and all eye candy.  And I resent people who make it seem it must be.  I'm a country boy, living the last of my years in the country trying to keep the worst of the world away from my doorstep.  I love my cats.  Therefore my cats and I are family.
     If I've said too much here, then I've been a 'baaaad boy',  but I'll not delete a bit.  I'll edit so you don't think I'm uneducated too.  But that is as far as it goes.  We're here to talk about and show off our 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, and those precious little ones that have gone before .... also we show occasional pictures from friends' pets from  around the world, our children's pets, and our grandchildren's pets.
     I would appreciate those of you who have been sending these messages and posting the posts I have deleted since we've been active here, would just give it a rest.  If you don't like what you see, stop looking, and move on somewhere else.  Please don't make me have to moderate the comments our friends post here because of you spite and distaste.
    For those of you who wonder where this all is coming from, please forgive.  I may delete this later when I'm in a more forgiving frame of mind.  We'll see.
     I shall return .....
     Later .....

~Roy Sr~




  1. Applause for your dissertation, Roy. Our cats have the run of our house, too, and if you don't like cat hair, don't come here. It's their home, not yours.

  2. Roy, I so enjoy reading your rants and raves here and other places. You're a joy to be around, truly.

  3. You rant a good rant. Herman has the run of the house and sometimes jumps up on the table to see what I am eating. It never bothers me. If he gets in my way, I just put him back on the floor, where he gets the tidbits he is craving.

  4. Thanks for visiting our blog! We have been very behind in our visiting so we apologize. We hear you. My Human thinks vacuuming is overrated that's why Neytiri is always dust bunny busting at our house. Some people especially those who don't have cats go nuts about cat hair and us sitting on the kitchen table, but I says it all balances out in the end because I give great cuddles!

  5. Cloon you are so right, I am Tegar and I trained my humans, I can do just about any thing, as long as I remember to rub my nose on my moms neck an purr real pretty.

  6. Ooohhh....Uncle Roy...and who said those hurtful things to you? My Mama is one person who won't hesitate to tell some "guests" off our territory if they overstep the boundary. Yeah...feline rules! purrrr....meow!

  7. You are SO right! The dining table is one of the best places for sun puddles and all human food must be inspected and approved. And we will not be dictated as to where we are allowed to be cute for the camera. Any human who does not think this is so is just dumber than the average human.

  8. We are sorry you have had mean comments. We are our Beans family too and we go wherever we like. We sleep in or on the bed, take their recliners so they have to sit elsewhere, go on the worktops to sunbathe...Oops did we really tell you about the worktops? We aren't supposed to go up there, but once we are comfy, who's going to move us?

  9. that's no one place to tell you how to live .. you do what you want to Roy and Lisa .. if you want them in your house .. that's for you to decide not some *((**^% hole to tell you .. we kept cats in our house when we was little

  10. Well said. We aren't fond of cats on the table, but we know they go up there anyway and we wouldn't criticize anyone else about that. You live the way you are comfortable and the heck with what anyone else says!

  11. Harley and I are always on the table, on the counters, in the bed, etc. It's our house, too!


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