Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday - From Verse and Things

     I makes addvertisements here 'bout the verse here. Large One said it OK, so I does it until I finds my scripts for da postes I writed.
     Da Large One been collectin words 'bout us kitties for years an years. These here are just some dat he done published on one of the Web Sites called Verse and Things. It in our part of da WWW. It hooked onto My Website like all da others, but it kinda is sometin different like. Large One did picktures of us kitties and even used some of the kitties from the rest of da family.
     Hopes everones gets some enjoyments out of the writings. Dey is some written by Large One's daughter, da Large One gots somemore to do.

     Da girls and boys and me hope you comes to see us here and at da forums and da web sites. Is all free, is all homemade, 'cept for da verse and picktures we gots from other folks. We puts all da names on everthing we borried, so dere no stealin goin on. Hopes you sees somethin you likes and will let folks know 'bouts our World of the Cat.
     Bye Byes. I go cuddle da Large One. Is night times.


  1. Nice read, do love my Buddy Bear. He is my bed bug and my cuddle bunny. No words can describe him and his wonderful personalty. He is never to busy or to tired for a cuddle. He is also layed back, and so nonchalant and rules this house with a gentle fist

  2. And rule he does. He's NOT my cat. NOT! Just because he sleeps on my arm at night, talks to me all the time, and has my number all around, that all doesn't mean a thing. He's his Mommy's cat. Honest!

    So now we have Our lady Lisa with us. The family will continue to with the Blog. Hopefully we can get our Ladybug to write something one of these days.

    Everyone come when you can.


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