Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cataurday Link - Buddy's Adventure

     Recently I have realized this is Buddy Bear's Blog and not mine, so this issue will pay tribute to the little ManCat and his escapades in life.
     Early on in his little life he had a couple three weeks of supervised outside time, but was soon taken in to remain so permanently.  Much to our surprise, this was his due.  Researching his breed (Ragamuffin) disclosed the facts that his breed is an indoor breed, and too, the breed is way too trusting to be allowed outside even with a chaperon.  Oh, I know there are lots and lots of Rags allowed out to do their thing and THEY have no problems.  Lisa and I, on the other hand, do NOT take chances with those we love, not when we can help it.
     During the few weeks he was allowed freedom of the acre an article was developed from a real life incident concerning his adventures in a certain part of the Five Oaks grounds.  The Faerie Forest.
     Buddy was not actually as trusting and/or as nosy as most young cats, so this adventure was a short one.

Central attraction of the Faerie Forest was here
where most of the action of the recorded
and documented incident took place
In the beginning the little guy was up to the adventure
but things did not go as was expected ....

     But wait!  Lets not take away from the reading of the story by revealing more information than that.  For the full thrilling details, you can read the full story complete with accompanying photos on the pages titled Stroll Through the Faerie Forest located on Buddy Bear's Cats' World Web Site.  This, and all sites on Buddy's World, is/are Cat Safe.  No Cats were hurt in the making of the adventure, the writing of said story, and in the following lifetime confinement of our hero, Buddy Bear.
     Enjoy, and come see us when you can.  It all begins on the Start Page of Buddy's World.   
     Enough of the promotional Spam here.  I'm through for the day. 

     As always, I feel loved. 
     Later .....


  1. I still wants to go to da Faerie Forest agin, but my Dad, da Large one say it not dere anymores. Small One say it had so many skeeters even da froggies left and went aways. Still, dere WAS somethin dere watchin me, I knows it just as sure as I knows I loves my humons.

    Tanks you Dad for da post. I has some ready to posts, if you will heps me one night I'll get er did.

  2. Outside is exciting, but Daddycat won't let us out either, because at least 2 of my grown up kittens have been run over :-(

  3. Is best you is kept inside ya knows. Life be short as it is and we can be sure to have more of it if we don't go nowhere where there's dangers like what is outside.

    Tanks for the visit. Hope to see you agin. Come when you can.


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