Monday, January 24, 2011

ManCat Monday - Introducing the Small One's Heathen

He 'steals' the Big One's lumpy water

He 'snags' the Big One's chair

He 'steals' quality time with the bird TV

He even 'claims' the Big One's lap when Miki isn't there

But THIS is HIS place
He doesn't need his skills as a thief to get here
Small One raised him in her arms
Nursed him back to health when he was a sick kitten
holding him in her arms for hours

He IS good at helping make the bed

     All in all, I'm thinking Lisa's last of 4 little rescue kittens turned out quite acceptable in spite of his evil, sneaky, pushy, thieving, big old bad ManCat ways.  Heh!  He fits in with the other three guys quite well.  He just has a couple three pounds on the others.  Still the head ManCat, Buddy Bear sends Rowdy packing when the time calls for it.  
     Lisa and Me?  We just love him, and hug him, and call him Heathen!  Rowdy will be 8 years old in May of this year (2011). 
     A NOTE here:  These are some very old pictures of the little guy.  He is definitely a big ManCat now.  I don't think he knows it though.
     As always, I feel loved.  So does Lisa. 
     Later .....



  1. Rowdy thanks you both Daisy and Getalee. Thanks for stopping by our place. Hope you can get in again sometime.

  2. He is precious! Those are great pictures of him with the two of you.

  3. Thanks Cindy. I loves my clowder. Every one of them. Now if I could just get them to get a part time job, we would have it made. That is if I didn't have to drive them to work. :^)


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