Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sunbeam - the drawbacks.

What an impact sights like THIS little guy can make on a person
when they are discovered --
especially when they are discovered in the chair
said person had planned to take an afternoon nap in.

Then there's the impact sights like THIS can make on said person
when said person makes the stupid mistake
of waking the the same little guy up
just to selfishly take possession
of said person's chair.
Geez!  If looks at said person could kill!

     Still and all, I feel loved.  Wouldn't YOU? 

     Later .....


  1. Oh dear, dear ,dear, dear, dear. That is a look!

  2. We think we need more furniture in our house for the cats so we can have a place to sit!

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  3. I have had that look...several times.....

    Who is that gorgeous Kitty in the sunbeam?? Oh!! It's Tasha!!

  4. More furniture? I never thoughted of dat. Lots more bouncy places to call ourses. Doesn't talks bout my look. I don wastes words when I gots THE look. And for your infurmations dat is gorgeous handsomes ME in dat sunbeams, and you knows it. Now iffin da Big One had some more pix of da Lady kitty an da Heathen, he said he could put dem in chere maybe wif a storys you might have writ. How bout dat.

  5. Yep my cats give me that familiar look when I move them from their favorite chair so I can sit in it. One good thing is the seat is nice and warm to sit from their body heat and when it is cold here it is a welcome comfort.

  6. Yeah! That warm spot is very inviting to one and all. I think, though, that it's an obsession to the little ones.

    Just an observation here ..... :)


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