Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday - A Warm Memory

A sick little kitty when he was young
but then, many little guys have a hard time
making it to adulthood
This one did, and lived almost 15 years
 Terry Lee was his name

and he spent a goodly part of his life right here
on Dad's lap napping between belly rubs
He was a big kitty, and he was a scrapper
always standing up to enormous odds
His Momma Kitty taught him well

this was his favorite spot when time for Dad's reading
and usually most of the night
it was cold in that old farm house

     He, his Momfurr, Princess Ebony and his Brofurr, Jon Tommy helped us move to the SouthWoods and homestead there.  He was MY cat.  The first in a long line that let it be known I was his and there was no debating the subject.  We talked long hours, plotted many fun things, and worked on many a project in the woodworking shop in the dairy barn.  
     He even tried to help me deliver several loads.  I always left him behind to take care of his Mom and His brother though.  Not sure who took care of who/whom, but they were always waiting for me when I returned.  I'd stop along the way for treats after I made the deliveries. 
     Terry Lee is a very warm memory that will help keep me through the cold days when the present day kitties all hover around their Small One, Lady Lisa.
     Memories are good, especially when they have fur, purr a lot, and they own you.
     As always, I feel loved. 
Later .....



  1. I not remembers Terry Lee or Jon Tommy. I was to little bitty to remembers. I just remembers Momfurr Princess Ebony. She teached me lots of things, lak how to train a bean, and how to run a hous fulls of kitties and beans. I learn lots from Princess.

  2. Thanks for commenting on and following our blog. It's great to meet you all! xxx

  3. nice pics of the kits Roy .. you have dad some nice fine kittys of the past

  4. Welcome to Buddy's Place. Glad you could come over for a visit. PR.
    Thanks Getalee. We have more, but Buddy is getting antsy to make some more pix and write some entries. We'll see what happens next.

  5. Wonderful pics of your kitties and as always enjoy your blathers.

  6. Thanks for that Stephanie.

    Come when you can.


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