Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - What were they thinking?

I catch him gazing at me from some out of the way place
Who knows what goes on behind those beautiful eyes
It's enough to know that the little guy likes me
I certainly like him
Buddy makes a very good pillow.
So, it seem, do I.

This is one of the gazes that stop me cold
I may be in a big hurry to do something
but MikiCato always gets his scritch, some lovin
and a lot of good words from me
It's a conspiracy I tell ya, a consipiracy.

Tegar has something special in his gaze
I get the feeling he is in my head
talking to me
I answer him and he comes for a cuddle
So much love in such a small body

     There, of course, are other pairs of eyes that mesmerize and hold me in their loving grip, and as long as I live they will always have reason to do so.  They are my children, and as such they own me, body, soul, heart, and I am in total obedience.  
     What's the word?  It's not fanatic, or demented, its 'Ailurophile'; lover of cats. 
     More next time, and the next, and the next, and ......
     I feel loved.
     Later .....



  1. They are love walking. There are sometimes though ...... well, lets leave it at that, for now anyway.


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