Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Those were taken about the time it was decided the toy had seen it's last days. It has since been put out to 'pasture' and replaced by a padded piano stool, and a big red ottoman/yarn storage box.

    More from the younger days of the toy and the kitty later!

  2. You're certainly getting as much as you can out of that toy!

  3. It lasted three years and more before it went to kitty toy Rainbow Bridge.

    Good to see you stopping by Monkeys. Hope you'll join us regularly.

    The Furrboys and Furrgirls said "Meowrrh! Y'all come again."

  4. That middle one looks like monorail cat...just sayin...

  5. Ayup, it does.

    Good to see you this morning Donna. Have a good day in the NorthWoods, and stay cool. Scritches to the kitties.

  6. All that toy needs is a little saddle, and you could ride it like a pony!

  7. Heh! Miki don't need no saddle. He's a country kitty. He rides em bareback!

    I'm still trying to find another one like it for him.

  8. That sure looks like a comfy place to nap! And Pounce! And Bite! And wrestle! Dunno why your humans thought it had to go! They keep taking my toys too! My CUBE is gone, and my catnip coal and my door springy toy and my other door springy toy and one... two... lots mousies!


  9. If ever a cat had strange tastes in sleeping places it is MikiCato. But yes, We do keep taking his toys. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have the room to allow all the old, 'played-out' toys to remain at home.

    Thanks for stopping by Tenzig. And come again when you can.

    I are having a bit of medical problems right now, so I'm not sure when the next post will be here. Hopefully soon.

    ~ Roy ~


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