Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday - A good day to Nap

Rowdy does it .....

Tegar does it .....

MikiCato does it .....

Buddy Bear does it too .....

     So I wonder if we shouldn't all be napping today.  Looks like fun to me.  How 'bout you?  Find yourself an unoccupied sunbeam, or snuggle in with the one who is already there, and have sweet dreamz.  Maybe of a dish of cream and a side of tuna and chicken.
     Rest is good,  and good for you.  Take care, sleep well, and come see us when you can.
     With the EMail we've been getting here at Five Oaks, I feel loved.


  1. haha nap time sounds good to me soon as get my shower head to the store cook luncn fold clothes and what else? MMM oh yeah study some more sweet pics.....

  2. No napping here this afternoon...well, the cats can of course. We hoomins have to go to a church picnic, and there are nasty looking clouds about.

  3. We are all napping here today, too!

  4. Buddy said: Large one went by ambulance to the emergency room. Kidney problems. He goes to doctor for analysis tomorrow.

    He's alright. No problem. He be back in a couple three days.


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