Friday, July 16, 2010

Caturday - Verse and Things - an excerpt

      Drawing from the Verse and Things Web Site, I would like to offer you this small collection of thoughts and words of wisdom.

"For every great line of cat verse published, 
there are millions more that were never written." 

     Many times while gazing at my cats I discover scattered bits of verse, a phrase, or a saying popping into my mind.  And NO, I am not a poet.  I turn a rhyme, or a melody now and again, much as any musician does, but nothing quite as satisfying (to me) as the one I jotted down years back when I was wandering my way through college:  
"Cats are everything 
I have always wanted to be.  
They are warm, and loving, 
and strangely enough, 
some of them even love me!"
     Taking a good look at the little cat curled in my lap, the one I call my 'Lap Robe', MikiCato, I find myself satisfied with what I have.  Although I still feel, in my old bones, that I could have done better.  I could have a house/living space large enough for the dozens of little cats that came by, since we retired up here, looking for a home.  Then they would have stayed and been safe.
     I'm not feeling as up to par as I could/should lately, so I may sound a mite 'off' while working my way through the days' postings.  Life does such things to all of us.  Our cats take it all into consideration though.  They apply their wyles, work their mysterious spells and charms, and they make things right. "A cat is a smile looking for a frown to pounce on!"
     With the three other cats, Rowdy, Tegar, and of course, the little Big Guy, Buddy Bear nesting close around me, all is well.
     And, I feel loved.

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