Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday - Boxes and Toys - your choice

     It is Friday, first day of the weekend here at Five Oaks, so with nothing to do but nothing, I thought I would do nothing ..... well I did dredge up a few assorted pix and a thought previously put down in the home forum 'over there'.
     This is the result of long tedious hours of mind bending, finger straining work.
     I hate work!  Just sayin .....

From out of the past(2005)
Da 'Baby' Puddytat (Rowdy) makin lovey
with the new TV's packing box
Big brother took it away from him

A couple months later he's investigating
another new box.  Just about to hop in.
Again, big brother (Tegar) took it away
Poor, poor wittle bitty kitty

Big Brofurr (Tegar)decides the box is not the right type
so he abandoned the project in favor of 
a mess of lost toys trapped under the 'fridge

Large One felt sorry for him
and fished the stuff and things out
Everyone forgot the box
An hour later, at most, all toys were BACK
under the 'fridge.
The box was gone too.
They searched for it the rest of the day.
They ignored the toys.

And NOW ..... The end of story!
     The fridge gets 'de-toyed' at least once a week.  I'm getting good at fishing for toys under there.
     One day I'll get smart and make a 'toy stop'/screen/fence thingie across the front of the bottom of that 'ice box' thingie.  I keep forgetting though.  Cats won't remind me.  Lisa is no help either.  *sigh* 
      Some day .....
      Still, I feel loved.


  1. Our Mommeh has seen both of us purposely pushing our toys under the fridge. It is a very fun game!

  2. Heh! Then your Mom is wise to your tricks. Best be careful, 'cause she is watching you.

    Thanks for the visit little one and have a great weekend.

  3. We know there are lots of our toys under the big cold box!! Our mom rarely gets them out for us. But there's also lots of our toys under the big cabinet that holds the dishes and she will get those out for us. It's always like Christmas when she does!! We see toys we haven't seen in awhile!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. It's fun for sure. Wonder why Moms are reluctant to get the toys out? Maybe it's the Dads' job and they don't want to take the fun away? I wonder!

    Hope all at your house have a good weekend.


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