Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday - a bit of verse and a random photo.

     Just for those who like the pictures, and then again just for those who like the verse, we put this one together last night late.  Rowdy and Tegar helped.  The went to sleep and left me alone.  Good kitties, GOOD, good kitties.  

 I took this one of MikiCato 'just because'
he's Small One's laundry hamper holder-downer,
comfort of fresh laundry inspector,
and general black hair spreader technician
Small One fusses like crazy at him
I don't understand, though, why she smiles
when she is fussing
Never understand kittycats and women!
Just sayin .....
Taken from the pages of Buddy Bear's Website
Verse and Things

     With this offering, Miki, my lap robe of the evening, and I, wish you all a good day. Y'all come when you can.
     I feel loved!


  1. I know this one is early. I hit the post button instead of the draft button. I'll try to do better next time. HONEST I will!

    Just sayin .....


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