Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday - A Verse for You

     Now that we're almost caught up with the happenings in Real Life, we are back to catching up with our duties on the web.
     Today's offering will be a bit of the written word, one of my favorite cat humor verses, along with a picture I am very proud of having caught of our little senior ManCat, Buddy Bear

     Have a good day everyone.

     With time to spend with our cats, the Small One and I feel loved.


  1. loved the poem and the pic and you and Lisa, Roy.

  2. That is just beautiful!!!
    Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear.

  3. That was great! Happy Birthday, Buddy Bear!

  4. The Little Guy turned 9 years old. He's already acting his age, but there is still that kitten hidden inside there, very much capable of making with the comics and bringing a good belly laugh to one and all. Cat Naps are just a little longer.


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