Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Night Fights

     Furr Wars, as we call them here at Five Oaks, is/are more like ongoing mock battles that wars.  These little ManCats all have personalities all their own, have their own special likes and dislikes, and, (just like our two legged children,) when there is a clash in one or the other, the two individuals become as one ..... a tangled mass of hissing, spitting, squalling, gnawing, slapping ..... well, if you've never seen a 'friendly' disagreement (read here 'cat fight') you've missed all the drama and action.

     NOTE:  These fights were 'pounce and maul, run and romp' type fights.  No actual harm was done to anything but an individual cat's ego.  And a few neat stacks of book, papers and such ..... 

     Over the years of being raised by cats, (and there have been MANY years of that), we've witnessed some good fights.  Occasionally I get the chance to get a picture. 

This pair, Miki and Tegar, have always had it in for each other
usually lasting until nap time, when curling and cuddling 
makes all differences right again

Casualness can suddenly erupt into, at the least, a slap-fest,
and some rather nasty language from the two participants
Buddy and Tegar

A quick exit, this time Buddy making the wise decision,
does not always end the disagreement.
This one was settled later in the big bed with a big sleep-in

Invasion of a cat nip party, especially a private one is grounds for a fight
although, in this case, the youngster, Rowdy, was read his rights
The kid chose to walk away to 'fight again another day'

No one knows what the future of the Furr Wars will bring
but one thing is certain
These two have not tangled (yet) and the war is not over
One day ..... maybe ......

     In peace, as in war, there are some good battles and some bad battles.  We have a house full of the good ones ..... all in playful fun, or at the worst, in minor disputes over a favorite curling spot, a toy, a lap, or even for the hell of it.  

     The Mouskateers of Five Oaks are always ready for a couple three rounds, unless, of course, the Small one calls for 'dinner time', or 'bed time'!  Then there is peace. 

     Around our house I always feel loved


  1. glad they don't hurt each other to bad

  2. we have puppy wars but the cats get along...

  3. Oh dear, there could be a lot of fur flying at your place!

  4. Why is it they all come to me to play referee?

  5. Those look just like Tigger and Tash. Tigger would be the one laying on his back, with Tash on top, and Tigger screaming like a panther and Tash hissing. She can also do a flying tackle that puts Tig flat on the floor in a flash!!

  6. A lot of fighting goes on around here, but no one gets hurt.


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