Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday: Tegar Time

      Far from being just another kitty in the Five Oaks household, Tegar, born in April of 2004, is quite an entertaining little guy.  Five years ago, if the date on the file is correct, the feisty little guy was an avid acrobat/box explorer/cat-napper, not that that has changed all that much in the last 5 years.

     Here's just one of many entertaining episodes in the life of the kitty we call 'Lil Yellow Fellow', Tegar.

     It's always fun to come home from one of our various and numerous excursions into the surrounding countryside after inspecting and picking over the 'stuff and things' offered at the local flea markets and yard sales.  Usually, the harvest of 'stuff and things' from these trips is/are brought into the little cat's world packed and piled in assorted and sundry cardboard, and more than a few times, in plastic laundry baskets.

     On the rare occasions my enfeebled mind reminds me to 'get the camera and take pictures of the unpacking', we usually wind up with some delightful, and usually humorous shots.

This is one of those evenings.

The fun, having slacked off somewhat, our Mouskateers retire
to out of the way perches for a break and to allow their humons 
to police the room and remove
the residue of a rather profitable Saturday excursion.

break over, Tegar takes a hop and a leap off the cabinet en-route
to the abandoned box in the center of the room
Methinks the fun is about to resume

the flight and the landing was a picture of grace itself
however, (and here I'll blame the low battery in the camera)
the motion between then and now was not captured
Suffice to say it was most 'cat-like' and 'purrfectly' performed

After a few kitten type antics, including luxurious stretches, 
scratching sessions and some major investigations 
of shadowy corners containing minor Cat World denizens 
(only visible to our furry little acrobat,)
interest is finally directed to some disturbance 
across the way from the now denizen free container

"Not much going out dere what makes it worf leavin
this furbulously comfyble nest/box thingie
I tinks I stays ratcheere, at lest furr naow"

Then, as with all excitingly active shopping day parties,
our little hero kitty does the only sensible thing he can do.
Knowing the box will be discarded first chance the Big One gets,
Tegar curls, yawns, and succumbs to the sandman.
All is quiet and content at Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA.

     Thus ends this story from out of the past.

     Do not be disheartened.  There are many, many more such stories and tails to come.  Life goes on, and, even though Father Time is in hot pursuit of our little purrbabies, they will always retain the inquisitiveness, the mischievousness, and their highly entertaining personalities.  Just because they are slowing down a mite, taking fewer chances with the aerobics and acrobatics, you can bet the inner 'kitten' is always there, just underneath the aging fur coats, patiently (and sometimes not so) waiting for an excuse to be out and down the hall, up and back down the wall, headed who knows where.

     The thunder of little fur-covered horse hooves continues to echo through the Manor House.  Life is good.

     "The playful kitten with its pretty little tigerish gambol is infinitely more amusing than half the people one is obliged to live with in the world."   
~Lady Sydney Morgan~

     For some more pictures of little Tegar click the title of this Blog post to go to the website photo album reserved exclusively for him.

     As usual, I feel loved!


  1. Totally enjoyed this tale of the box and the yellow kitty.

  2. That is one of those ceral box kittys eh? lol he loves to play house in the boxes...

  3. Tegar is a beauty of a cat. Love these photos!


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