Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Night - We are Back!

     We have returned from Real Life, this time with a whole mess of new pictures and ideas.  Just hope to get over the touch too much of heat I took in today.
     Recently we had a total wipe out of grass cutting equipment, which brought about a whole mess of weeds ..... some tall and skinny, some short and fat, some rather lovely sprouting flowers all over the yard in odd places.  The big stuff the outside girls and I took out by hand (and a good old fashioned pair of non-electric hedge clippers).  I, of course did the easy part.  Smokey and Spooky had the hard job of pointing me in the right directions.  Needless to say the work time was a bit of fun in spite of the heat and the bending over.  This particular day I had the camera in my pocket.     

"This is weed. 
This you must make go ways.
I has spoken."

"This big weeds over here!
Donforgets these ones."

"You needs to sweeps the rain mess too.
It not looks good Large One!"

"Donforgets dis purty patch.
Cuts around and makes it nice."

     All in all, the day, well several days actually, because we had a rain shower  most every day, was a bit rough on the old bod, but the little Girls made the job fun.
     We'll mark this one finished and get it posted before the day is ended.
     With the little girls helping outside, I feel loved.


  1. Well, those beautiful felines sure took the spotlight and made the work a tad less tedious. Hope you recover quickly. Working in the heat is not good. Just sayin'.....

  2. Thanks Patti. I'm going to be working early or late .... no more mid-day activities outside, especially in the sun. Quality time with the Girls is the max we'll be doing during the midday for a good long while, at least until the temps drop about 10°.

  3. How nice they are there to help you. You might give up to soon. I can't do anything unless it is early morning or evening. I do not like the heat, especially humid like it gets in MA.

  4. Excellent pictures of your helpers. You are so lucky to have them to direct your efforts!!

  5. Cindy, they get me doing things I would most certainly NOT do if they weren't there. All our kitties are like that. Oh, and Welcome to our place. We'll be over to visit when we return from the hunting safari. Din din bowls are getting almost empty.

    Donna, I have to agree. My resolve just dissolves when they are asleep and not on my case to do something. Neighbors think I have a loose screw somewhere when they see me holding a little cat on my arm walking around in circles talking to her, then sitting down so the other one can curl in my lap and get belly rubs. (she is not a pick me up kitty). I tell the neighbors love comes in many forms. A good part of mine comes with 4 legs, is/are a fur covered vibrating heart with a motormouth.

  6. sweet looking help you got there.

  7. Thanks Debra! And thanks for stopping by.


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