Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday - The Night the Monster Visited Five Oaks

     The story goes something like this.  MikiCato, our little Halloween Kitty, or Basement Cat as some folks like to call the slinky little black kitties with the large glowing eyes, has been spending his time at the windows, late and early, catching catnaps at random, dropping where he is for a few minutes of peace and quiet only to pop up and quickly resume his position at the window.  He's looking for something, only he doesn't talk much.
     In fact he only talks to me, and then it's just to say he loves me, he's sleepy and wants my lap to snuggle in, or he's hungry and his bowl is empty (baby cat Rowdy usually wipes Miki's bowl out during the day.
     This particular day, I, having nothing in the way of projects on the honey-do list that I cared to tackle, sat hunkered down in front of the computer wool gathering, playing with the camera.  I had just uploaded the last batch of pictures from the big camera when I caught sight of Miki and Tegar in the window, Miki, as usual, diligently on watch for that secret something outside the window.  Of course Tegar, being the snooze box of the clowder, was sacked out after only a couple three minutes of assisting big brofurr with his watch.
     As it was in the beginning  Miki was on watch, Tegar was dozing and NOT on watch.
     Here is the story .....

".....I tells you I saw somethin out dere las evenins Tegar, Hones! 
You heps me look for it tonite?"
"Iffin I gotta, I gotta!  Buts I gets dibbs on da pillow!"

"You sures you sees somethin sides da boids and other lil critters n bugs?
Aktuallie, you kant sees nothin much at nitetimes anywho!"
"Ayup!  It dere!  Ever nite it dere!  You'll sees it ternites, I promises!"

That night, as the moon goes behind a big cloud .....

"Hey Brofur, it be late chere.  Way past our bedstime.  
I donsees nuttin out dere but dat old raccoon 
what allays usta steals the outside kitty gurls an guys crunchy 
 dindin befores the Large One begans bringin it in befores midnight!"
"I tell ya there be a monster out there Tegar, I seen it.  
You just keeps lookin.  It outs dere.  Hones!"

"I go sleeps.  Calls me when you fuzzbutts sees somethins."
"OK Rowds.  Teg, I go takes a walk down da hall for some 
sipps an a crunch or tree!  I comes back in a whiles!"
Oh tay Mik!  But you bes not go sleeps and leaves me chere wif
jus meslefs and dat big straplin snoring kitteh!"

Then, as the midnight hour comes and goes something appears .....

"ROWDY wakes up quicks!  MIKI, gets back chere quick.  
It here, it here.  Miki?  Where you is?"
"Dems is BIG ole eyes, yes dey is Brofur. 
What you thinks it is? *yawn*"
"I doknows Lil Bro, but wut ever it is I not gonna look for it no more!
I seened it once.  Dat enoughs for me!  MIKI, where you is?  
NOW we gots to guard the house from the moster!  
Ooh geez, where is Miki?"

     I quietly took my time putting the camera, and the big eyed Halloween kitty down, and turned the light off so Miki's eyes would not be reflected in the window anymore. 
     Miki grinned, stretched, gave me a soggy slurp on the nose and curled up for his lap time.   
     Tegar and Rowdy spent the better part of the night trying to see the 'Monster' out there.  
     Sun-up caught the two of them, Rowdy and Tegar snoozing in place, faces pointed at the window.  At times like that I would have loved to be able to read little kitty minds, or at least have them be able to talk to me.  Bet that would be a story they'd tell!
     Hope this story satisfied your interests.  There's more on the list for a later date.  
     Talk to us.  Make comments!  Let us know what you like, and if you do like one of the stories, what you liked about it.  Just a warning here ..... some of the forthcoming stories are quite lengthy, so if the page won't load for you, please let me know and we'll have a page built on our web site for the story.  
     With my little lap robe in place on my lap as I type this, I have one thing to say.
     I feel loved.


  1. What a wonderful story, and told in cat-a-nese. Well done, my friend.

  2. Thanks Patti. Guess I have been surrounded by Cats too long. I'm beginning to talk like them.

  3. Oh yes, it's the dreaded Window Monster!!!

  4. It is the same the world over...I have pictures of Tigger and Tash doing the same thng...I even have pictures of the monster!!

  5. Wonder if we can catch a Monster for the cats to play with ..... maybe that would NOT be a good idea?

    Just a thought .....


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