Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday - A Man's Cat abandons Him

     MikiCato, our little black short hair is actually MY cat.  I wanted a black kitty, I searched for him, I drove three counties worth of highways, by-ways, and back roads, till I found him, then I brought him home to be with Buddy Bear and the other kits in our clowder.
     Buddy Bear had been the baby.  Now Miki was the baby.
     Miki took to me, took me over, and grew up training me to be exclusively his human.  At least I THOUGHT I was exclusively his human.
     Then, I caught this picture one chilly day in October.

The cat had dumped me
for the Lady of the House
A lap cat he was not
Miss Lisa changed that

     Still, I feel loved.


  1. Indeed! She always gets an armful of yellow kitty when she's not knitting.. That time Miki took charge. He made it a habit.

  2. Ha! Too sweet! I am loved, too -- but Ober is adored, worshipped even. The more he ignores them -- the more he's Number One...

  3. That is so cute though. My cats will not sleep in hubby's lap. They only sleep on mine. Once they both slept on my lap. It was doable for them but I must say, it was not comfortable as their weight was unbearable.

  4. It seems to me the little ones tend to go to the man for attention, companionship, and of course romp and play. The woman is the Mother image, usually the one with the good eats, and the one who tends to the hurts and other needs. A child is a child, two legged or four!

    Lisa's Rowdy drives me up the wall shadowing me. When I go for the afternoon book read and cat nap he is like an arrow flying to the bed. His place is with me. Yet he still worships his Mommy. He knows she saved his life when he was a tiny kitten, but she has her place in his day, right after he tends to me.

    Sometimes they can be a confusing lot, but there is no doubt in my mind they are all just furry, vibrating hearts covered in Velcro.

  5. ouuu it worked. I did something right....

  6. Thanks for joining us Spidey. Heh! Confusing getting here at first, but once you've hit the circuit it all comes together.


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