Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday: TV time!

     TV in the fun room at Five Oaks, SouthWoodsUSA, is the main entertainment for all the family, humans and their owners, the Mouskateers.
     Buddy can take it or leave it, but he is not opposed to curling with one of his humans and watching, at least until sleep takes over and he crashes.
     Miki is more interested in the stereo located in the PC room, but, when there's cool tunes on the TV,  he'll hang around to listen.
     Rowdy and Tegar are a different set of books altogether.  They can get so involved in what's going on on that big screen that they sometimes get 'up close and personal'.  This is what happens when the commercials have pretty girls, and good music in the sound track.  This was Tegar's evening to have the seat of honor.

"Hey! Cool colors.  Wonder if dey would play wif me?"

"Arrite, I waiting!  Where da butterflies?"

"Gimme kissy Cutie.  Oooh u gorgeous thang!"

"Smurrrrch!  Aaaaah, you KNOW wut I likes!
Waits!  Dongoway!  Comes back!"

     Can you imagine what's going on in their little heads while they are engrossed in watching the stuff that comes on the screen?   Heh!  We might be surprised.
     Still, it's fun to watch them watching, and too, see them enjoying.
     Watching TV is fun (sometimes), but I really think watching the watchers is/are more fun, especially when the whole clowder (and all the humons) are gathered around at the same time.
     Life is good!  Observe the little things around you.  You could be happily surprised to see what's going on.
     My lap robe (Miki) just woke up, said "Meowrrh", stretched, re-closed his eyes, and went right back to sleep. 

     I feel loved!


  1. This set was taken shortly after we updated to a HD flat screen which, because of the thin size, gave the cats a lot of room on the cabinet to play with the screen. Tegar, of course was the first one to hit the 'front row seat'!

  2. I like to watch cartoons. But the best thing about TV is lap time!

  3. sometimes the tv attracts the kits -- but the puppies have favourite shows. When the music starts for "Bones" -- they come running!

  4. Those are so cute. Mine like to watch the screen when I have the Africam Streaming Video on.....especially when the critters appear.

  5. Mine tend to ignore the TV and mirrors as well. Sometimes a noise will attract Tig to watch. There is a youtube video of two cats "talking" that brings him on the run though!!

  6. I've seen that one and forgot to save the link. If you run across it again would you drop it in here or at the forum please Donna?

  7. That was fun to look at. they are a bunch of brats, but what would you do without them


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