Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday soaking the Sunbeams

     The boys and girls love the sunbeams.  Well, that's nothing new, but we thought we would show you some of the Mouskateers and how they do the job.

Tegar takes to the sun beam
like ...... well, like a cat to a sunbeam
What more can I add?

Bad shot I know but at the time
we were working with a cheap camera
Spooky has the advantage of being outside
so she gets the unfiltered rays.
Sun-baked pudgy puddy

Smokey also has the advantage of unfiltered sunshine
she's always posing for the camera
so we get good shots of her
She's a natural sun worshiper

Buddy Bear and the kid, Rowdy
take the winter rays in front of the
electric heater. 
They get double the pleasure

5 years ago Miki got his sunbath while
training the new kid in the clowder, Tegar,
in the proper ways and tricks of a member
of the ruling class at Five Oaks.

     Everyone got a good nap in the sun today.  The temperatures were not all that high, every window was available to all the insiders to do their thing, and of course the LadyKits on the Cat Porch took advantage of the big concrete drive we don't drive on.  (it's for the cats and other things to use.  Don't ask!)

     With happy cats (and Wife mate) all sun warmed, well fed and nestled down for some cuddle time (and a bit of TV) I have to say ......

     I feel loved.

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