Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today is Caturday and, like the last two days, we have not prepared for the Blog. Apologies extended for that. But we do have a couple three snaps in passing.

Miki caught in the act .....
we don't know what the act was
but he was caught anyway.

One of the few shots of young Buddy Bear
while he was allowed to play in the Faerie Forest
next to the Cat Porch.

The infamous 'water bag cat'
he can never get enough water
when we go into the bathroom or the kitchen
our first thing to do is turn the water on
for Tegar

We hope your holiday is a good one.  Take care everyone.

As always, when I think of the Cats in our lives,

I feel loved.


  1. I wish I had a Faerie Forest. I like magic!

  2. nice pics. Tegar came by his name in a funny way, he was named Tigra,did not find out that she was a he until he went to the Vet for THE fix.

  3. Heh! That was a fun time. The Faerie Forest went the way off all the gardens and such like that retired folk build and eventually grow too crotchety to take care off. It has been razed to the ground. All that's left is a small indentation in the ground where the frog pond was, and the stump of one of the bushes next to the pond's site.

    Faeries are still around I'm thinking. Smokey and Spooky, the two outsider residents of the Cat Porch, are always playing with something (invisible I'm sure) that we humans can't see. Always! Makes a person nervous. But I don't say nothin. It's their yard, NOT mine. Just wish they would start cutting it regularly instead of just nibbling a blade of grass here and a blade of grass there.

    And, for those not knowing, LADYBUG is the human 'Lady of the House' of 'Five Oaks', the one the 6 Mouskateers call 'the Small One'. She's just getting acquainted with blogspot.com.

    One day she will be the third resident poster on BBCW Blog Spot here. Then I can retire and let Herself and Buddy carry on.

    Welcome M'Love!


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