Monday, May 31, 2010

ManCat Monday (again)

     I think everyone knows this cat. He's the head of the Five Oaks Clowder, and, I might add, the head of the Five Oaks Household. But he really doesn't know it. He's just a kitty that loves to be loved, cuddled, and of course, fed!

The Cat is definitely a ladies man
I mean, he gets away with what
the rest of us gets punished for.

He is a romantic
he is a big heart
with four legs
and a hank of hair.

I know I'm loved .....

The ManCat told me so.


  1. Awwww, so cute, KO. There is absolutely nothing like being owned and loved by a cat. Cause you know it's their choice.

  2. And we have no choice in the matter.

    Thanks for stopping by again Patti. Hope the weekend was worth the wear and tear. (as if I didn't already know the answer to that.) :-)


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