Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Love of a Cat

Today Smokey is the 'postergirl-kit'. That being the case, let me tell you a tale of furry fun.

It all goes something like this.

The human walked out on the cat porch to take a break and sit in the lounge chair for a while. The chair just in front of the stack of landscape timbers was the choice for the break.

Little Smokey was dozing in a ball under the shelf the human had made to display stuff and things for the last yard sale at Five Oaks (there will be no more yard sales here. We quit!).

As I was saying, Smokey was dozing, the human started dozing, and all was well with the world.

Suddenly Smokey became a mite amorous, and proceeded to make with an irritating slurp and nibble on the human.

(WARNING: future posts contain disturbing [suggestive and revealing] pictures. Not recommended for young children with over-active minds.)

Not sure if it is the flavour or if it's dirty
but this area needs major cleaning
that damn little tongue is ruff I tell ya

progressing slowly and irritatingly up and up and up

Sorry but she doesn't do legs.
This was bad enough

I had no idea what I was aiming at when the pictures were snapped. I just guessed the angle and snapped the shots.

I think I like this macro setting on the new camera. Just wish I had a front view screen on the camera, or a swivel one or the other. Not that I would be taking self portraits or anything ......

Little hussyfurr tried to grab the hand strap on the camera.

Tegar watched from the back door
He was slightly pissed
I'm not supposed to love the hussyfurr

I managed to make up with Tegar before I went back out to finish my break in the chair. The hussyfurr had taken over the chair.

I went to bed.

Roy, Sr, WM, Rrr, RLT.
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop

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