Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday! Here's some verse for the reading.

It's Friday evening here in the SouthWoods. For us it's the end of a very nice Spring day. I was out and about the acre taking pictures of the flowers, the pretty weeds, and trying my dead level best to get a happy face shot of little Princess (Spooky is her real name, but I just can't call her that.) The little cat has become camera shy ..... at least flash shy. I had to take 9 shots before I got it right and caught her looking up at me. Old fingers just aren't swift enough anymore I'm thinking. Need more exercise working the shutter I'm told.

Anyway, Princess being an all black kitty, I was reminded of the numerous little black kitties we have had running our house in years past. One in particular had a little white spot on his chest. Terry Lee was his name.

Thinking of Terry Lee led me to remember having this poem. It was sent in an E Mail by a very close and dear Texas friend of ours, who my wife, Lisa, and I spend hours chatting with on our Forums on WorldCrossing.com.

I thought we might offer this for reading this evening.


Vicki wrote:

Dear Roy,

I was thinking about a little kitty I found . We had her till she was 9 months old . Seems she was destined to die early. I found her at six weeks old. Just a bag of fur. When she was 2 months she had her tail caught under a rock pile. When she was 4 months hold my dad ran over her. Then sadly one day she was let out before daylight and was run over killing her instantly. This is why I wrote this poem.

Her name was Midnight, and except for the 1 inch of white on her stomach, she was solid black.

Your Friend,
~ Vicki Bradley ~


Every year its always the same.
Who for now do I blame?
These days are full of joy.
I don't need any new toy.

It's just a day full of cheer
and I rather have a beer.
Let the little ones have their fun.
I'll have none.

I think I'll go for a run
till its done.

What is this I see?
A little filthy below me.
A tiny little body with barely a sound.
Now what is it I have found?

No noise it makes just a strange purr.
Its tiny little head covered with stinky fur.
It looks up at me with eyes full of sky blue,
Rubbing me like a friend who would always be true.

"My time here is short" it purrs,
"will you be my friend till my end?"
I misunderstand what it has said
and rush home with it instead.

I clean him up and try to feed him.
But alas he is too weak even to swallow a drop of water.
The tears in my eyes flow like running water.
My heart of ice starts to melt as I gaze at his pelt.

Holding him close to my heart,
He reaches his paws up grabbing a tear.
As though wiping it away, and had meow to say.
"I love you for what you have done.
But angels only come when one's heart has turned to stone.
And I see you no longer need me."

I cried for hours.
And I remembered not ever to others become so sour.

I do not want another angel
to visit me.

Vicki Bradley


And for the viewing, here's a random picture we pulled out of the files on the PC. Hope you enjoy.

A little friend from some time ago
They are so soon gone from our arms

Have a great weekend everyone and come when you can.

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Later .....

Roy, Sr, WM, RrR, RLT
aka KnightOwl
I am theWizard they call Sergeant Pop


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